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Endeavour III
Owner Kevin O'sullivan
Design Dufour 56 Exclusive
Length Overall 17 m 15 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Endeavour III - Endeavour III - Day 5

The days are going surprisingly quickly - there is always so much to do. Thursday was particularly eventful - in a good way.Finally we felt we had gone far enough south to avoid the Azores high, and so at first light we made a significant course change to starboard, and directly towards St Lucia (“direct”, of course being a troublesome term when considering great circle routes). Then - suitably bolstered by coffee - we hoisted the spinnaker.As the crew were not totaly familiar with the drill, this took a while - but it was well worth the effort, and we put in 10 hours at pretty much the maximum hull speed.On the domestic side we re-jigged the schedule to split boat cleaning from washing up - the result: a clean boat and clean dishes, to go with the ongoing inventive use of ingredients. read more...


Endeavour III - Endeavour III - Day 5

By Day 5 the boat has settled down to a rhythm known to mariners down the ages: watching downloaded Netflix films, searching for missing USB charging leads, experiencing the joy and despair of an intermittent Starlink connection and the frustration of trying to configure Iridium Go for crew-wide email, and listening to a strange sound from one of the cabins, which might be a crew member learning to play the ukulele, or a stowaway cat.According to AIS we are not alone, we are surrounded by ARC boats. But these must be ghost ships for try as we might we now never see them silhouetted on the far smooth line between sea and sky.Already we have lost one crew - unfortunately murdered in the cockpit. This was somewhat alarming to those on the boat not familiar with human Cluedo.Last night we. read more...


Endeavour III - Endeavour III - Day 3

Day 3, murder at sea! Another glorious day, and a more restful night had by all it seems. Everyone being in good spirits this morning!We have been having some great south easterly winds pushing us in the right direction. To those following us on the tracker thinking, ‘but you are going to far south!?’, I say, check out the weather forecast, we want to keep these lovely winds. Alas starlink has ceased to work! No more internet, and no more YB tracking info! Today we covered 187 miles, and trust we are doing well keeping up with the fleet. The morning was spent trying out different sail plans, and eventually settling on a full code O, giving us an average 8.2kns throughout the day. Just before dinner we changed to a poledout gib, and full main, to goose wing for the night. Dinner was. read more...


Endeavour III - Endeavour III - Day 2 on the Ocean Ocean

It only took less than 24 hours for most of the boats to scatter, leaving us with uninterrupted views of the sea up to the horizon. It’s an awful lot of space! Above, below and all around. After a not so restful nights sleep, the team spent a pretty lazy second day at sea (well I’m speaking for myself…). Lunch of fresh salad and homemade humus, and dinner of veggie lasagna a la Hugh. There were a couple of Cluedo murder attempts, though with suspicions running high neither were successful. To note, Dave made a valiant effort to pass Tash a pair of underwear at the starboard helm, alas it was to no avail as she clocked on to her imminent murder v sharpish. Sailing downwind with our sails goose-winged, we steamed forward at an average of 8.5 knots. This didn’t let up overnight, and we. read more...


Endeavour III - Endeavour III ... And we're Off!

We spent our final day in Las Palmas doing some last -minute food shopping (Endeavour’s *cough cough - KEVIN’S* motto is ‘more is more’) to ensure if we decide to continue onwards to New Zealand, we will have enough essentials, such as Ottolenghi Berber spice rub, to fuel us with needing to stop and resupply.We had our safety briefing in the afternoon where we went over the daily inspection checklist and discussed the liferaft, emergency tiller, and bilge pumps (all things I sincerely hope we will never have to use, mostly because I was quite hungry by this point and my mind was more focused on when we were going to open the Pringles downstairs). Imara and myself then did a first aid briefing; explaining the medical kit and key messages for how to keep ourselves healthy at sea. There was. read more...

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