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Owner Mateusz Kubik
Design Bali 4.6
Length Overall 14 m 54 cm
Flag Poland
Sail Number

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Fryderyk - Atlantic log Day 18 - 23

Day: 18Date: Dec 7th, 2022Last night it was raining cats and dogs. At some point literally like someone was pouring a bucket of water over your head, but the rain was so warm and soft that it could actually be enjoyable, if it wasn't making it harder to hear and see ourselves and use touch sensitive (bad idea...) plotter screen. S Rain and squall, wind gets up to 35kt and down do 12kt, sails go up and down, up and down. Everyone is soaked to the bone trying to dry our clothes while it's wet everywhere. At least mood is up and humor is "dry" :PDay is surprisingly nice, some clouds in the morning, but later it gets sunny. Luckily for us because not only our clothes were wet. The boat itself was wet in and out with some mysterious leak that we've observed close to the navigation station.. read more...


Fryderyk - Day 17 Dec 6th, 2022

Day: 17Date: Dec 6th, 2022Position: 14'52,616N; 49'51,926WDistance to destination: 644nmWe all had some weird freaky dreams last night. Now I'm trying to sleep before my night watch at 4am, but somehow I can't. My mattress is divided into 2 parts and sometimes... I can feel some soft pressure on the second half like... some airy presence is gently laying next to me... It's weird spooky feeling probably due to boat moving and bending all the time but yeah, boat night life is full of eerie little sensations. There are some noises that sound like a whispers (e.g., synthetic safety belt swinging gently agains wooden decor cabin wall) or generally voices... some indistinguishable inaudible sounds that are produced by the great forces of tension, friction, aero and hydro dynamics. At times I'm. read more...


Fryderyk - Day 16 - Dec 5th, 2022

Day: 16Date: Dec 5th, 2022Position: 15'09,917N; 47'35,302WDistance to destination: 777nmWE ARE WIJCE YOUR RESISTANCE IS FUTILE SURRENDER TO OUR SUPERIOR SPECIES OR Aaaaa@@@@@011101010010101001001001010000. read more...


Fryderyk - Day 15 - Dec 4th, 2022

Day: 15Date: Dec 4th, 2022Position: 15'15,456N; 45'23,984WDistance to destination: 903nmAdventure time! Sitting on my watch around 8am UTC, which technically is 4am local time, so night watch really, dark as hell, and I start to smell something... it's like all scents of the ocean combined in a diabolical cocktail that true rum hardened sailors drink for a breakfast. I smoked less for last few days, so I'm like "I can finally smell the ocean, makes sense!". Pretty happy with my new discovery we sail for some time until sun goes up and reveals smooth almost mirror like surface of the water. Wind is almost completely down to 2kt, freckles are nearly gone, the surface is gigantic liquid foil that is waving gently as we cut it in the half. I go down to our stern to film sun reflections. read more...


Fryderyk - Day 13-14 - Dec 2nd-3rd, 2022

Day 13-14Date: Dec 2nd-3rd, 2022Position: 16'47,551N; 41'14,360WDistance to destination: 1149nmLast days are slow on board but also the wind has slowed down. Our strategy was to go as much S and then W to take as much advantage of current winds as we could. It was working pretty sweet until day 10/11, we had a perfect wind that was carrying us straight to Rodney Bay. That was until we've found that there'll be a huge strip of silence ahead and it will go all the way down to 14'N. We were somewhere around 17'N then so we decided to go S again. Unluckily we were (and still are!) out of any internet connection (damn you Iridium and your 30 minutes full of interruptions lame ass sessions to download 200Kb grib map!) and current forecasts, especially other boats daily position updates and. read more...

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