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Owner Maurice Mason
Design Nautitech 46 Open
Length Overall 13 m 79 cm
Flag Ireland
Sail Number IRL1764

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Jadamama - Jadamama Day 12 Blog - Metamorphosis

MetamorphosisOk, a bit of a grand title today, but an apt one nonetheless. If you have been following our blogs, you will be aware that our new Trade Wind sail had some issues last week, so our Blue Butterfly was in hibernation for the past week while, firstly we figured out how to cure her ills, then how to recover from them. Today, after much unwrapping, sewing, stitching and sticking, we were ready for her rebirth. So the butterfly became a caterpillar as we wrapped her ample wings around her central core as tightly as we could manage. The caterpillar then crawled onto the foredeck, and with the aid of the some energy input from us slowly climbed up to the top of the mast, where, almost miraculously, she morphed once again into her spectacular blue butterfly self. She is now wafting. read more...


Jadamama - Day 11 Blog Jadamama

Blog Day 11:After the 10th last supper (rich beef stew and Tirmasu) we went to bed fed, fatter and looking forward toanother day on the pond.Ideal conditions greeted the 1st of the month… routing has us continuing to run southerly at 250 degrees, and we maintained~8 knt averages in pressure of 16-22 knots,by midnight covering 192nm (25 hours).Potential squall lines, saw sail reductions in the afternoon of the 30th and Polly deprived of sleep in the early hours Dec 1st as we ran 2-up until the threat cleared.With the wind veering to 130 overnight, dawn saw deployment of the Code 0 for the 1st time this trip.Sterling efforts by our Liliputians working in shifts over the past 3 days saw~ 2000 stiches of varying styles and neatness through 4 layers of cloth repairing the 3 meter tear. Tacks. read more...


Jadamama - Jadamama blog day 10

SHIP”S time change today as we progress West! It’s the third time on this voyage we have put our watches back one hour. Our DTD (distance to destination) is 1,244 nautical miles. St Lucia here we come! Not only is our skipper an ingenious mathematician and sailing strategist (taking us the long way round the big hole with no wind which we can see on Predictwind to the north of us). It turns out he”s a dab hand with a needle and thread too. After several days of deliberation we finally agreed on a plan and, taking it in turns to do the very challenging stitching, we have tackled the repair of our torn sail with gusto. Light is at the end of the big blue tunnel. Can’t wait to launch our tradewind sail again when conditions moderate.This is a happy ship. All systems are working as they. read more...


Jadamama - Day 9 blog Jadamama

Classic shouting and roaring about the blog and taking responsibility only to realise that I am the one on Blog duty today, plus ca change…Tradewind sail repair stitching is in full flow with everyone taking a turn on the needles and riggers palms with Polly providing lots of observations and mostly unheeded advice. We expect to have the tear stitched crudely by this evening and will spend the next day or so reinforcing stress points. We are taking our time and getting the best advice we can as we don’t need to deploy it until later in the week when the wind is forecast to lighten considerably. The boat really wakes up in about 20 knots of breeze but struggles in the lower figures so we are doing our best to get the sail fixed in time to help.The sea has been building a bit today and. read more...


Jadamama - Jadamama Day 8 - Gulliver’s Troubles

Gulliver’s TroublesGreat fun today. As described by our crew mate a couple of days ago, our Trade Wind sail has issues. The big tear we saw along the middle is now hidden under 200 sq m of furled sail, so how to fix it?Advice from North Sails is to unroll the 35 or so wraps to get at the issue, then they can advise us on how to effect a repair. Dean Swift to the rescue!  Remember the Lilliputians, lots of little lines to restrain the giant?  Well that was the plan. Lay the giant out, through the cabin window right to the starboard bow and across the cabin and cockpit to the port transom. (we are a catamaran which does help). Up with the cockpit curtains to cut down on the wind and one by one unwrap the furls. Eventually, little by little. the giant was tamed and. read more...

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