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Owner Jonathan Massey
Design Grand Soleil 50 (JV)
Length Overall 14 m 96 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4183L

Grand Soleil 50 Mk2

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Betelgeuse - ARRIVAL!! Friday 09/12/22 Day 19

Well, what a delicious supper last night!The Wahoo (very like tuna but paler) was delicious and expertly cooked by Richard with lots of helpful advice from Jonnie! We had a fun filled and reflective last evening with many a toast to our skipper, Betelgeuse and each other.We prepared ourselves for our final night-time watches, which I have to say weren’t nearly as exhausting as I thought they would be.A strong wind and a beautiful full moon eased us closer to St. Lucia.We awoke to a view of the windward side of St. Lucia.Rough and rugged but very lush and beautiful.None of us slept very much last night, partly because of being close hauled for one of the few times on the passage, hoofing along at 7knts, but mostly because we were all so excited about seeing family and friends waiting for. read more...


Betelgeuse - Wednesday-Thursday 07-08/12/22 DAYS 17-18

A good dose of motoring helped us finally reel in our rival (oops fellow) Grand Soleil 50, IMPULS, who lack a hydrogenator and generator so I guess have been preserving their fuel for battery charging. The engine went off as the wind filled in at 1400 on Wednesday, albeit from the direction of St Lucia, where it has remained as I write this over 24 hours later. Not to worry, BG is superb upwind, with a 2.7m led keel and well-shaped sails. We are adjusting to life at an angle.Barbados was sighted on the port bow, 25nm away this morning which had Will scampering to his bag to produce a single malt, one dram only (American size naturally) to celebrate. The wildlife is gradually coming out to meet us with boobies, skuas and a variety of other birds, together with the ever-present flying. read more...


Betelgeuse - Monday 05/12/22 DAY 15

The day started very overcast and calm with a first and very welcome swim. Will managed to acquire a new bonnet during activities. The wind then picked up unexpectedly and we had a lovely sail in the morning with the spinnaker flying. Richard and Jonnie made a delicious lunch of gnocchi and pesto after which it was decided we would drop the spinnaker. Richard, Pete and I went forward to do the honours but the wind decided to stay with us a little longer so we enjoyed a relaxing half an hr on deck snoozing and having a crack at a bit of a sing song which must have sounded awful as we only knew the words to the first two lines of most songs! The rain arrived mid afternoon and gradually got heavier. Poor Richard got a good soaking whilst helming but at least his oilies had an outing! We. read more...


Betelgeuse - Sunday 04/12/22 DAY 14

Looking around; the horizon is a perfect circle with us bang in the centre. Obvious, yes, but there are no rollers or white horses, the sea is calm and sky overcast. Difficult to grasp that we are still miles from land in the Atlantic Ocean. It feels as if we could be anywhere, except it is December and the sea is 29 degrees C and air must be 36 at least. The cabin is roasting and we’re melting.Spirits remain high and we are beginning to dare dreaming of our destination St.Lucia. I think a Betelgeuse rum cocktail needs inventing, along with a Bellatrix, Sirius, Polaris etc.The crew is slowly going mad, currently Claire, Richard and Pete are fully life jacketed up and attached on the foredeck, awaiting orders to drop the spinny, whilst singing ‘we are sailing’ at full volume. Ear plugs. read more...


Betelgeuse - Saturday 03/12/22 DAY 13

Dear Myrtle is being very demanding requiring running repairs with replacement down haul line and now constantly requiring her ‘bottom wiped’ to remove the floating seaweed (Sargasso) which is constant. Saw one floating blanket of Sargasso covering a good double tennis court! Richard’s determination to catch a Mahi Mahi is impressive; sadly all that was dragged in was a skimming hedgehog of; yes you’ve guessed it – Sargasso!Spinnaker cleanly raised at ‘sparrows’ (need some military terms – quietly sinking in naval terms) by new foredeck monkey Richard and Will. Light winds generally all day meant for challenging conditions to keep her flying – well worth the effort giving us a few cherished extra knots. No squalls anywhere near us today.The day was hot, with much washing of cockpit,. read more...

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