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Blue Moon
Owner Lyssandra Barbieri
Design Grand Soleil 43
Length Overall 12 m 98 cm
Flag Antigua and Barbuda
Sail Number

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Blue Moon - Blog 1 Blue Moon -we made it to the start!

Early prep for the upcoming racing start. Boat is well stuffed with fresh food, loads of salads, sweet candies, chocolates, pasta, pasta, pasta, cheeses, and fresh meat for the first days. Tanks are filled up with prescious water. Gas bottles changed, fuel tank refilled. Sails repaired, new toilet pumps (thank you Ettore!) and we got a second life raft on the Blue moon, which is getting a hitchhike to Antigua. During team briefing our captain kept us up to date with the current weather conditions: Wind 20-25 knots, swell is 11 seconds and 2 to 3 meter waves. We expect similar conditions for the next days! Everyone was quite excited. We made the last phonecalls to the homefront, and happy to leave the port and start this beautiful adventure!Sailing out of the port was an emotional moment,. read more...


Blue Moon - Blue Moon blog. 1583 NM to go

Giordana’s watch:The trip keeps on going through the warmer season, Giorgio is the first having a shower with sea water.Every sunrise we set the fishing hook into the sea hoping to catch a beautiful Dorado or a nice and fatty Tuna, but for the moment we are only getting unwanted flying fishes during the night watches.After the kite’s halyard broke, Lyssandra climbed up the mast to fix it, we did a great crew job!We crossed our first time zone without changing our clock’s time, because we want us to be owner of our time and we don’t want a Capitalism society to decide over our free lives.Samuel’s watch:Riko: Sad sad sad in three points. After cracking the “belowdeck starboard side aft molar” a few days ago, the remaining piece of tooth has very sharp corner which is cutting my tongue.I. read more...

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