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Blue Moon
Owner Lyssandra Barbieri
Design Grand Soleil 43
Length Overall 12 m 98 cm
Flag Antigua and Barbuda
Sail Number

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Blue Moon - day 23 blog

Tuesday, December 12 - day 23 - was a rainy day. We believe it was a cold front that brought the rain that lasted for a couple of hours, with shifting winds and then zero wind. Thankfully, the winds picked up again later in the day. Weather gear on, music on, and the thought of a fresh water shower crossed our minds - our version of dancing in the rain.During our night shift, a friendly little bird - a sign of good fortune - stopped by our boat to rest for a while, and then it took off again.Today is also the last date that we predicted our arrival date to St. Lucia. We’re almost there, less than 150 miles to go. See you soon!Cheers,Sergio. read more...


Blue Moon - day 21 blog

Our night shifts are turned into one hour single watches because we’re just drifting, so every person is steering on their own into the moonlight. With our main sail down and a small storm jib up for stability, Blue Moon is drifting with the current at 1knot of speed. My eyes are more focussed on the stars than on our course.. oops.. I give another turn on the wheel.. and my mind flies away over the soft reflection of the moonlight. The sea is calm with long ocean swells and silent, the noises we hear are the squeeky woodeninterior constructions and ropes hitting the mast. Sometimes my mind is playing tricks on me and makes me think to hear a bell of a church or birds singing. I realize that after 21 days of hearing only sea relating noises, I miss the sound of land. In my second night. read more...


Blue Moon - day 22 blog

Good Morning dear DaylightIts maybe my last blog entry for this trip…after the trade winds picked up yesterday night. we are back on full sails, what a pleasure and a wonderful power inside awakens.The winds pushes us again from behindwith 12 to 15kn and we are so ready to hoist our kite again…But bevor there is some importend fluid to give our old lady blue moon …give a guess…Yes she needs the magic Diesel to run our engine.So far we have used from our main tank about 170l and filled with another 40l to run the rest of our trip. But we keep 20l for emergency run and also to motoring in to Saint Lucia.So Thalita is at the helm exactly at spot where we should fill in the diesel,grrr…Of course she can move to the side and helm from a different angle.We got to grab out two canister out of. read more...


Blue Moon - day 19 blog

Almost there. 600 miles to go. And then all of a sudden the trade winds decide to leave us and we’re in squall zone with wind coming from exactly where we need to go. The swell is huge, the waves as well. The crew is doing their best to navigate Blue Moon without banging it too hard on the waves. “Never have I experienced something like this” said our skipper Thalita who already crossed the Atlantic 5 times before. It somehow reminds me of the North Sea sailing with our parents’ sailing boat. I’m used to these kind of waves and the banging of the boat. Though having these winds for 3 days in a row, and the boat heeling quite a lot, plus the extra ocean swell, it takes it’s toll on our mind and bodies. Especially for me. I haven’t slept well these last days, trying to not roll over my bed. read more...


Blue Moon - day 20 blog

I wonder if Lem and Tarkovsky have ever seen the calm waters of the Atlantic and experienced its spectacular swells… the endless breathing Creature underneath us seems exactly what one so vividly describes in Solaris, and another perfectly depicts it visually later. The slow and rhythmic movements of the whole body of water must be someone alive from another world - breathing in, breathing out, sleeping, definitely having good dreams. We know it, because the Atlantic has been very generous to us so far - with fish to eat and warm water to swim in. We discuss how to call the surface - is it glossy, oily, is it a glass or a mirror?Reality check named Atlantic Guardian is passing by in the distance, we run below for the binoculars and make contact on the radio. We haven’tseen a boat in days. read more...

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