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Cerulean of Penryn
Owner Richard & Alison Rowley
Design Seastream 43
Length Overall 13 m 80 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 31

Cerulean is a Seastream 43’ MKIII cutter, built in 1994. She was commissioned by Peter Snow, the television presenter and historian. The boat sailed in ARC 2001. Since buying her in 2016 Richard and Alison have completed an extensive refit. See blog link for more details.

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Cerulean of Penryn - The ARCers a story of every day sailing folk.

DATE:2018-12-04 19:30ZTITLE: ARC+ LEG 2 DAY 14LOCATION: 14:12 58:10AUTHOR: Richard RowleyBODY:That concludes the shipping forecast and now this evenings visit to the ARCersThe ARCers a story of every day sailing folk.In this episode: It's 3am and Richard takes over watch from Alison on board Cerulean'Good morning Alison, oohh its looks a bit dark an inhospitable out there, I think I shall stay in my bunk' said Richard, Alison replied was not so cheerily, 'About time you was you up was just going to get you, the wind is building, its now 20kts, I can see lights on our starboard side and are only 3 or 4 miles away, and seem to be getting closer what do you want to do?'Richard thought for a moment and had a look around, and could see a white stern light from a vessel off the starboard bow. read more...


Cerulean of Penryn - Random jottings from Cerulean

DATE:2018-12-03 14:00ZTITLE: ARC+ LEG 2 DAY 13LOCATION: 14:16 54:48AUTHOR: Richard RowleyBODY:Distance to go 355Nm, Distance Sailed 1832NmWell i hoped you like my little of yesterday and it did not detain you long?I did the twilight watches last night sunset and sunrise, or more interestingly for me I watched the stars come into view and disappear. I was on 6pm - 9pm and 6am to 10am, on a clear night with no moon it is fabulous to watch the stars and planets to appear, the moon rose with a thin crescent at a about 4am (not on my watch). doing the evening and morning twilight watches is interesting as you can really see how the stars rotate around the pole star, or Polaris, which is hardly visible from this latitude and is very low in the sky just above the horizon directly to the North.. read more...


Cerulean of Penryn - Rolling down to St Lucia

DATE:2018-12-02 15:00ZTITLE: ARC+ LEG 2 DAY 12LOCATION: 14:16 52:16AUTHOR: Richard RowleyBODY:Distance to go 502Nm, Distance Sailed 1675NmSomething a bit different to my usual drivelRolling down to St LuciaWe are the jovial crew of The Cerulean of PenrynWe are a yacht under the ARC plus flagIt's 3000 miles across the Atlanticby way of Capo Verde We're rolling down to St LuciaAfter we drank Las Palmas dry and handed our gold to the chandleryWe sailed from Gran CanaryBound for the delights of Mindelo in Sao VincenteWe're rolling down to St LuciaNow the butter has meltedwe have turned our bow to westWe are running the N'East tradesIn search of a jug of rumIn St Lucia's Rodney BayWe're rolling down to St LuciaThe bosun plays a tune on the ukuleleThe flying fish jump into the panwith a flick. read more...


Cerulean of Penryn - Fayre Wynds and Kynd Seas to St Lucia

DATE:2018-12-02 05:00ZTITLE: ARC+ LEG 2 DAY 12LOCATION: 14:17 051:35AUTHOR: Richard RowleyBODY:Distance to go 542Nm, Distance Sailed 1630Nmhere i am again on the night watch, 3 hrs later than last night, well actually 4 because we moved the ships clock back another hour, and what a difference that all makes to the night sky I am looking at. When I cam on watch the moon and Venus were already high in the sky behind us to the East, the moon lying down in a very relaxed crescent.Orion is hiding in front of the mainsail to the SW of us. All the stars have moved around quite a bit, all except Polaris, the Pole Star, as this one stays still and all the other stars rotate around it through out the night, turning Orion on his head and Ursa Major, the Giant Bear upside down. I have looking at the. read more...


Cerulean of Penryn - A ship sailed from the east and sailed to the west

DATE:2018-12-01 04:00ZTITLE: ARC+ LEG 2 DAY 11LOCATION: 14:23 048:27AUTHOR: Richard RowleyBODY:Distance to go 723Nm, Distance Sailed 1445NmHi, and a pick and a punch for the first of the month. Gosh December already, I have lost all concept of time since being on this trip. Whilst you at home will be wondering what warm clothes to wear on a cold and frosty morning I am sitting on deck in the middle of the night wearing shorts and a tea shirt, and bare feet and i am still too hot. You may well be thinking of going off and getting some Christmas shopping done today...I have not been of this boat for 11 days now and it may be another 5 or 6 days before we arrive at St Lucia and we see a shop. The mere thought of Christmas had not occurred to until I realized the date...aahhh and bliss no. read more...

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