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Owner Sarah & David Holtby
Design Najad 391
Length Overall 12 m 10 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR3150L

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Kelpie - Monday 26 N0vember 2018

> 16:31.4N 27:35.5W>> So now we are in the true trade winds and after all the complicated sail > plans we tried over the weeks since leaving Southampton it seems a simple > genoa, no pole, no main bowls us along at 6 knots without any nasty > graunching noises or uncomfortable motion.So thats how we are doing this > at the moment.>> After yesterday's exciting start we found a full gale blowing in the > acceleration zone between Sao Vicente and Sao Antao so we had an > exhilarating sail through that. At last light, on exiting the acceleration > zone, we dropped into the wind shadow of Sao Antao where there was no wind > at all so we motored for 4 hours to escape it.Then we found the trade > wind and have been enjoying it since.At the same time as. read more...


Kelpie - Saturday 8 December 2018

13:46.1N 58:53.1WA challenging 24 hours.Initially very little wind and much banging and crashing of the sails and mast gear then at nightfall the wind filled in nicely.Good progress overnight and then around dawn several squalls came up on us, mostly passing to our left or right but one hit us square on just after breakfast. Not to worry, we had learnt our lesson on Thursday and we were well reefed down by the time it hit.Then becalmed again.Our 24 hour run was 121 miles; not so terrible after all.The leader board looks interesting;two of the cats and the big Discovery 55 we are contending 2nd place with have now arrived at St Vincent so its all about the next 24 hours and our corrected time overall.Andrew has worked out we need to achieve a VMG of 7.5 knots until we finish - that will. read more...


Kelpie - Friday 7 December 2018

14:40.8N 56:38.8W Well it had to happen I suppose.Despite our best efforts interpretinggrib files and anticipating wind shifts we are now pretty much becalmedwith the sails banging around ina demented fashion as Kelpie pitches androlls in the swell with no wind to steady her.It seems the other boatsare in the same predicament and we actually made up 44 miles on the leaderin the past 24 hours (our days run noon to noon was 141 miles) and Istrongly suspect the big 55 footer we were contesting second place for hasswitched on his engine to make a beeline for St Vincent. As I type this, we are 150 miles from Barbados and Leigh Brown should belanding there right now.We dutifully waved at the sky but there are noaircraft contrails to be seen! D Andrew adds: In news from the fo'c's'le, we should. read more...


Kelpie - Thursday 6 December 2018

14:47.3N 54:14.1W Well that was interesting.Overnight we got hit by 2 violent squalls inthe space of three hours. These are "black" squalls that strike withvery little warning and the wind on the leading edge is 35 to 40 knots(Gale Force 8 to Severe Gale Force 9) with a 30 degree wind shift.Thewind subsides after about 25 minutes and slowly returns to the trade windafter about 40 minutes.At the moment there is no moon so you can onlysee them coming by the stars going dark as it clouds over;this means weget about 5 minutes warning only.In both cases we were able to get thegenoa furled in time and handle Kelpie under her already reefed main.Kelpie, of course, handed it beautifully and remained easy to steerthroughout - she really is a lovely design for this sort of sailing. Our watches are. read more...


Kelpie - Wednesday 5 December 2018

15:02.6N 51:42.5W A day of progress westwards then south, alternately reaching ENE thenrunning WSW across the Rhumb line, leaving a wake that whilst some onboard describe as scalloping our way across the Atlantic, the Skipperdescribes as resembling an old factory roof. Lowry is strong in that one. We remain top three on handicap and it's notable that the fleet's fourheavier displacement, longer keel boats hold all of the top four places:we are in the right boat, and no matter any misgivings about tackling thatleg of Serrano ham. We are still be rolling as much as previouslydescribed - one reader will remember coining the phrase 'like a sock in atumble dryer' - but we are inured to that now and pushing for the finish.In lighter winds yesterday's noon-to-noon run was only 147 miles, but. read more...

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