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Owner David Pratt
Design Malo 46
Length Overall 14 m 20 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Shimna - Shimna ... Limps across the finishing line

At 21.09 on 15th December Shimna finally crossed the finishing line in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, 26 days after leaving Las Palmas.This has been a long slow and difficult passage with numerous technical problems starting a few hours after leaving Gran Canaria. An engine fire, 600 miles off the Senegal coast, with 1,560 miles to our destination, deprived us of all power to propel the yacht or replenish the batteries.So on the positive side we have the satisfaction of knowing we sailed the Atlantic without burning any diesel, using electronic navigation equipment or an auto helm.And here's the thing, this was a very challenging and frankly uncomfortable passage and if you asked any one of us would you do it all again tomorrow I feel very confident the response might just be read more...


Shimna - shimna at sea

We are on our way across the Atlantic, and at last we have some wind!!! and its not Dave Tyrant!!!Plenty of water !! chocolate( snickers are delicious straight from the freezer) ginger biscuits and crisps!! Its amazing what these guys can eat. They told me they were on a detox trip, well I’ve not seen it yet!!Tubby has taken over as chief navigator, !!!! god help us. John is Mr Cautious, Captain Calamity, is what he is !!! and I”m the boss !!!At least 2 weeks hold up on this boat with 3 men god love us and save us .!!!!JULIE. read more...


Shimna - Shimna... Cometh the hour come the crew

With less than 24 hours before the 2017 ARC starts the waiting is nearly over, the provisioning complete and the lively, "do we really need to waste space taking water" debate, almost concluded.The skippers briefing confirmed that tomorrow the wind will be light, the sea calm and the temperature high.A total exclusion zone will be in operation, effectively closing Las Palmas harbour tomorrow for all vessels except the departing ARC fleet. If we can avoid getting rammed as 200 yachts cross the start line we should have a happy day.Follow Shimna and her splendid crew by downloading the "YB Races" app.Our race tactics ( but keep this quiet) are to start slow and then pick off the competition one by one.No doubt our speed will increase steadily as we pick up the trade winds and work our. read more...


Shimna - Last day

Well we are off tomorrow at last it has been good fun , we joined all the activities (mostly drinking ) sailing involves a lot of it. Skippers briefing today , not a lot of wind we have to beat Dave’s personal best 19 days one hour Let’s hope we do . We need The god of wind to help us . The forecast is not good it could take us three weeks . Three weeks withsnoring farting men ! Beam me up scotty ! Julie Thorp07866428093. read more...


Shimna - SHIMNA

Just had a super lunch at our club and only 12 euros, we will really miss this place . Wonderful swimming pool ,good WiFi great location, right in the marina, shame about the company ! Last cocktail party at the Royal Nautical club tonight, let’s hope the crew all behave themselves for once ( me included) . Watergate crisis has been resolved , we now have 80 litres and about 4,000 litres of alcohol. Plus the water in the tanks which at the moment tastes like bleach . Wish us all good luck . Julie Thorp. read more...

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