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Shimna - Shimna ... Limps across the finishing line

At 21.09 on 15th December Shimna finally crossed the finishing line in Rodney Bay, St Lucia, 26 days after leaving Las Palmas.
This has been a long slow and difficult passage with numerous technical problems starting a few hours after leaving Gran Canaria. An engine fire, 600 miles off the Senegal coast, with 1,560 miles to our destination, deprived us of all power to propel the yacht or replenish the batteries.
So on the positive side we have the satisfaction of knowing we sailed the Atlantic without burning any diesel, using electronic navigation equipment or an auto helm.
And here's the thing, this was a very challenging and frankly uncomfortable passage and if you asked any one of us would you do it all again tomorrow I feel very confident the response might just be


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