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Owner Brenton Schoemaker
Design Nautitech Open 40
Length Overall 11 m 98 cm
Flag Australia
Sail Number

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Aedis - Aedis Blog Day 21: things are getting real...

Wow, today marks 3 weeks at sea ands it’s starting to take its toll. The daily Tiara Cup was won/lost? by the captain, that is had the guess furthest away from the actual nautical miles completed in the previous 24 hours. That person must wear the Tiara over dinner however things are starting to evolve. Brenton has broken out the dress ups and is shown in the photo standing majestically with the wind blowing in his Lacey golden top. Are we there yet...image1. read more...


Aedis - Blog Day 19: those moments

We had a couple of unforgettable moments on day 19. Firstly, we hit our best mileage in 24 hours at 209nm :)!!! This was amazing and it looks like we will be having another good 24 hours again. The remaining 500 nm is starting to look quite short and the crew are really starting to dream about many cravings, hot showers, different foods and the ability to walk more than 6 m in a straight line.The photo (a still pulled from video) shows that moment just before you get slapped in the face by a 130cm Dorado fighting to the last. Sorry Jen, had to share this with the world. Again, plenty of fresh fish on board. We have had a very fortunate trip on the fishing front which has provided a lot of entertainment and great meals. image1. read more...


Aedis - Blog Day 18: Long distance interyacht quiz!

This afternoon we were invited to compete in a quiz being conducted by one of the crew of Infinity of Yar. We have been in VHF contact with them for the last few days keeping tally of each other’s fishing triumphs. Also, joining in on the quiz was Talulah Ruby and so with three competitors we began. Much to our dismay the quiz appeared to be heavily biased to having an English heritage and even with an Englishman on board (35 years removed however) many questions we were unable to answer. Our final tally was reasonable, bonus points for wit included, but we still lost out to the Infinity crew and unfortunately lost range with Talulah before the quiz was finished. All in all it was a lot of fun and quite remarkable that three boats which happened to all be on Pontoon L in Las Palmas were. read more...


Aedis - Aedis Blog Day 16: Sargasso Weed and Showers

We hit the weed today... no not that weed, the Sargasso. It has not made friends with the hydro generator at all. We have also lost any input from our solar panels, it appears the victron energy solar converter box is playing up for some reason which is a shame as we had managed up until now to run the water maker from our renewable inputs. Fortunately, we still have plenty of diesel. Still enjoying “showers” on the back step and that feeling of being “clean”.image1. read more...


Aedis - Blog Day 15: A paper anniversary on board

Today marked a number of time markers on board. Firstly, we made the call that 40 west would signify our half way mark (it’s a little further than that but it will make the second half go a bit quicker) which we are now well and truly past. Perhaps more importantly today also marks the first wedding anniversary for the captain and first mate, Brenton and Claire. Holly made some beautiful paper cranes which flew gracefully on the front deck. A nice bottle of champagne was had with lunch to celebrate:)image1. read more...

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