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Aedis - Blog Day 19: those moments

We had a couple of unforgettable moments on day 19. Firstly, we hit our best mileage in 24 hours at 209nm :)!!! This was amazing and it looks like we will be having another good 24 hours again. The remaining 500 nm is starting to look quite short and the crew are really starting to dream about many cravings, hot showers, different foods and the ability to walk more than 6 m in a straight line.

The photo (a still pulled from video) shows that moment just before you get slapped in the face by a 130cm Dorado fighting to the last. Sorry Jen, had to share this with the world. Again, plenty of fresh fish on board. We have had a very fortunate trip on the fishing front which has provided a lot of entertainment and great meals.


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