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Abraxas 3
Owner Eivind Haugan
Design X-Yachts X-50
Length Overall 15 m 24 cm
Flag Norway
Sail Number NOR12050

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Abraxas 3 - Finished after a long and frustrating night

Up until the last night we had an easy and completely accident free passage from Mindelo, then we should put in a last gybe and then we managed to get it quite wrong. The jib rolled up badly and got it self wrapped up. I will not repeat what was said or done to try to fix I all, but it cost us one and a half hours and that also meant that we let two boats get in front of us, and when we came in this morning we could only describe the sail as a complete write off, a bad and costly night indeed!We passed the finish line at 08:22 local time this morning and if we have the margins on our side it could be a good finish in our class on this leg as it seems that most others have been motoring quite a lot they too.Trying to forget the ordeal, and focusing on all the good memories from the leg.. read more...


Abraxas 3 - 120 miles to go :-)

Quite a lot of wind since last night, so we have been making good progress towards St Lucia the last 24 hours. We expect the wind to moderate a bit this afternoon, but are prepared for a lot of squalls as there are more clouds here today and we have been told to expect more squalls closer to land.The motion in the boat has been quite exhausting at times today with 20 degrees rolls to each side countless times. But speed has been good and as always down here the sun is out and the water is warmer than ever at 28 degrees Celsius (do anyone know what the normal temperature should be at this time of the year?). Looking forward to write to you all from Rodney Bay in St Lucia sometime tomorrow morning!Best regards from Eivind and the Abraxas crew!. read more...


Abraxas 3 - Counting down the miles

310 miles left of the crossing, and even though we are enjoying the experience we all look forward to making landfall in St Lucia. Our ETA is currently early morning on Wednesday if the wind is willing. We are eagerly awaiting every position report to see if we made or lost ground to the boats around us. The big problem with these reports is however that we don't know how many motoring hours the other boats have on this leg so it's a bit of a guessing game to try to figure out our position on corrected time. But even though we might have more motoring hours than some, we are quite certain that most boats will report somewhere between 20 - 60 hours. So it will be interesting to see the list when we get ashore. Outside the sun is glowing once again, and a 12 - 15 knots easterly wind is. read more...


Abraxas 3 - Only one Fastnet Race left to sail

In an hour or two we will have 605 nautical miles left, and for those of us who have sailed the Fastnet Race that number is something special. But as the distance might be the same, the expected conditions couldn't be more different. Racing in the English Channel and the Irish Sea is usually cold, wet and a lot of upwind sailing, here we have a weather model that predicts 100 % downwind sailing, 27 C in the water and sunshine almost uninterrupted all day. So its easy to choose which distance one would prefer, although for the competitive ones there is of course no doubt that the Fastnet is at a level far above the relatively sedate sailing we are doing.Our two last days have been relatively uneventful, we started the engine for a few more hours (a total of 42.25 hours), and then set up. read more...


Abraxas 3 - Finally back under spinnaker

After motoring for a total of 32.85 hours during the last two days we finally got 7 - 10 knots of breeze and are making good progress towards St Lucia. The bad swell is somewhat better today which also adds to the comfort and speed.An other highlight today was Helene's freshly baked bread that followed up on her delicious pastries that we had for the halfway celebration yesterday. So hopefully this glorious sailing will continue and we can once again feel like sailors:-). read more...

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