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Owner David Tipton
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479
Length Overall 14 m 43 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR 4274L

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Mischief - A little bit more Mischief Log 10

Day 19 Sunday 18 March 2018. Difficult night; bread causes depression; Dave extends the journey; Land Ahoy!; phone signal; cross finish line; more sail trouble; Trevor's hot air put to use; we stay aboard.I had a feeling it was going to be a difficult night and I was spot on. As dusk fell you could tell where those squalls were south of 10 degrees with big black clouds which really played havoc with the wind all night. The wind switched from SE to NE and back again, and everything in between, and fluctuated from 17 knots to 8 knots with vivid lightning lighting up the sky ahead. This all meant constant course changes and several gybes requiring visits to the bow to deal with the spinnaker pole in the dark, so sleep was hard to come by and there was a real danger of losing the sense of. read more...


Mischief - A little bit more Mischief Log 9

Day 18 Saturday 17 March 2018. Northerlies?; through 200 nm; England disaster; boat scrubbed; Trevor offers to make us compliant; ETA firming upThe wind increased slightly in the middle of the night and settled into the north east, occasionally due north, not forecast on any grib files I've seen. This has put us onto a beam reach so not ideal with a boomed out genoa and intent on holding a direct course. We managed around 5-6 knots through the night and first light set the genoa normally and dropped the pole for a beam reach and put another knot of speed on.At 0815 we went through the 200 nm to destination mark.Had a YB text from the wife this morning - Ireland have beaten England 14-25 in the final Six Nations match, putting England 5th in the table having started favourites - what a. read more...


Mischief - A little bit more Mischief Log 8

Day 16 Thursday 15 March 2018. Lightning; fishing for compliments; sail options; Trevor caught at the wine; fresh bread! As it happens the wind did increase in the early hours to around 15 knots so it solved the slapping problem but still the direction we can sail in still puts us above the rhumb line but at least it didn't rain - we had ominous flashes of lightning off to starboard though which was a bit disconcerting! In fact it was quite warm and pleasant, especially once the stars had made a very late appearance on stage. Hopefully the wind increase will mean we will not have a repeat of the disappointing 24 hour run we had yesterday. The weather files this morning are suggesting that there may be a backing of the wind to east and possibly north east in a day or so which will allow. read more...


Mischief - A\little bit of Mischief Log 7

Day 1514 March 2018 Wednesday. Weather to look forward to; lowest 24 hr run; Trevor benevolent towards fish; more chafe; slamming main sail blues. It was indeed a quiet night last night with winds ESE 10-12 knots sailing under the poled out genoa and full main with speed over ground of around 4-5 knots so moving steadily if slowly, West.There was a weather warning from Chris Tibbs that came through on SSB net this morning regarding the approaches to Hiva Oa; apparently squalls are to be expected with heavy rain and winds approaching 40+ knots on the leading edge. That will give us something to look forward to in 2 or three days time!However, the weather this morning was bright and breezy with a little more wind than last night at 15-17 knots so boat speed has increased to around 6 knots. read more...


Mischief - A little bit of Mischief Log 6

Day 13 12 March 2018 Monday.Chafe; first really nice day; Trevor takes stick; Code 0 trashed; The latter half of last night was actually quite pleasant and we had a lovely sunrise for a change. Trevor let out his fishing lines again and whilst we were setting the pole for the Code 0 we had a bite, but it soon made its escape and turned out to be the sum total for the day. Luckily, whilst on deck we noticed chafe in the zero halyard so dropped the sail and shortened the halyard and re-set. 1100 L/T position: 08 degs 58.6' S 123 degs 10.8' W C: 270 W: SE 17/20 knts Noon to noon run: 169 nm DTR: 930 nmA sparkling afternoon sailing during which we made contact with the 44' catamaran Libeccio who has lost one of her rudders, just to see if we could offer any assistance. One of their comments. read more...

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