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Owner David Tipton
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 479
Length Overall 14 m 43 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR 4274L

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Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 51 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Monday, 18th June 2018 -Blue Lagoon to Sawa-i-Lau IslandWe wanted to make an early start today as we were heading further north to the southern tip of Yasawa. Just below Yasawa is a narrow channel separating Sawa-i-lau where the 'chandelier cave formations' exist which you are able to swim into apparently with the sun shining through holes in the roof. We upped anchor again at 8.15 am as there didn't seem much of particular interest in the Blue Lagoon; even the water wasn't blue. Gary took the helm today and we headed very gingerly out of the anchorage to follow a deeper recommended track out. But we had to get to it first - there were two marker beacons close to us with only one showing on the chart and we looked at may be going between them. Er, no way through there - the beacons were. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 50 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Friday, 15th June 2018 - start of Yasawa Island Group cruiseI was up really early this morning. Not only because Dave and Wendy needed to be in a taxi for the airport at 6.30 am but that curry last night was having its usual 'morning after' effect!So, having said cheerio and good luck, I was immediately promoted to acting SkipperÂ…Â…the responsibility! So now we have just the four of us on board me, Trevor, Gary and Marian. But first things first: provisioning for ten days. We all jumped in a taxi to the Nadi Town central market and the taxi driver said he would then take us on to the supermarket and then the butchers. Nadi town is about ten minutes away. When asked how much it would cost he shrugged and said "We'll see", which is always a worry. We went to the most amazing fresh produce. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 49 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Wednesday, 13th June 2018 - En route to Viti Levu island, FijiA really comfortable night at anchor other than having a heavy rain squall requiring all the hatches to be shut pronto! But up at first light to prepare the boat for an early departure for one of the main islands in Fiji, Viti Levu and Port Denarau marina. The anchor came up at 7am covered in mud (good holding but had to scrub the decks) and headed for a nearby exit from the lagoon purported to be 100 meters wide. It was difficult to see the opening at all through the breaking surf even though it was fairly calm waters as the gap was at an angle to our course. I was on the bow calling the course as the chart plotter had us actually on the reef on solid ground - they can't be trusted as I've said before and need a healthy bit. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 48 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Monday, 11th June 2018 -Bay of Islands, Vavua Balava, FijiWhat a glorious place this is! These anchorages just get better and better, despite the fact that the cockpit is a graveyard for mozzies and moths this morning after Dave's efforts last night with the spray can. We all went off in different directions this morning with snorkels. I had the most marvelous swim for an hour and a half in brilliant sunlight in perfectly clear water, back in time to see the Arc fleet start to trickle in from Lomaloma, so now our secluded anchorage is less so but good to see them regardless. It seems that Someday and Amara had climbed up the hill overlooking our bay and have taken some cracking photos of us at anchor. Also, the news is that two of the catamarans on leaving the last anchorage ran aground. read more...


Mischief - Up to Mischief Log 47 Further adventures of S/Y Mischief through the eyes and ears of Chas Baynes

Saturday, 9th June 2018 - Arrival Lomaloma, Vavua Balavu Lau Group, FijiThe seas remained uncomfortable throughout the night moderating early morning, despite the wind dropping slightly. It had also moved around to the NE requiring a gybe on change of watch, but it put us onto a decent angle for Vavua Balavu at least. Also, Shepherd Moon had caught right up with us as were under reduced sail and passed us so close that should I have had a long enough run up I could have jumped and landed on her deck.Nothing quite like cruising in close company at night!At first light Land Ahoy! I was below so not sure who won the Blue Peter Badge, but we need to make a new one anyway as the old one has been stolen no doubt for auction somewhere. We arrived at the entrance to the lagoon surrounded by. read more...

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