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Blue Bayou
Owner Alan Turner
Design Oyster 54
Length Overall 16 m 43 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR5404C

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Blue Bayou - Sailing in the dark......

and things that go bump in the night.Our morning chafe check has often revealed some nocturnal goings ons.First of all something has left some worryingly large scales on deck a number of times.Exhaustive searching of the boat has yielded nothing - although it has eliminated the Karaoke Queen from the enquiries.It remains a mystery.There’s the inevitable flying fish from time to time and much excitement came with the discovery of the Ship Eating Giant Squid.If only he’d been prepared to wait a little longer before fulfilling his ambition.We admired his pluck though, and paid our respects to the Admirable Squid before committing him to the deep (sadly the morning sun had dried him out a bit but we managed to scrape him off the deck without damaging the gel coat).The Plane Driver landed the. read more...


Blue Bayou - It aint half hot mum

The sun - the damned sun - continues to beat down on the shrivelled bodies of the ill thriven crew. A motley collection of young and old, rich and poor, gay and straight, industrious and work shy, they are struggling to bond as a team of men with one common goal; the next drink. (Note to Readers, this is for lemon related scurvy prevention and not to calm the DT’s) So in a desperate attempt to curry favour with the domineering skipper, and get the drinks safe opened earlier than 5pm, it has been decided to put on a wee show for him.The character of “Lofty” was a natural choice for the somewhat subservient and vertically challenged ship’s rat, and he is looking forward to performing a rendition of “Whispering Grass” in homage to the gently swaying shag pile of the luxurious carpet in. read more...


Blue Bayou - The real PU

Dear Readers,Well here we are cruising serenely along the 15th parallel on pretty much a dead run, for the fourth day in a row. For years we have been accused by some of living in a parallel universe. Now it’s true. ROFL.Crew UpdateHuman Cluedo continues to provide limited intellectual stimulation for an increasingly brain dead crew. I can report that dispatch by either winch handle or sun cream is a messy affair, and not to be tried at home.The skipper’s consciousness levels are improving by the day as he has turned his back on Scopoderm. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Laird, who while hiding behind the cover of Scopoderm, we suspect may be secretly shooting up smack during his prolonged absences in his cabin. (Can anyone help- does smack induce snoring resembling a. read more...


Blue Bayou - Human Cluedo Round 2

For our growing band of followers, thank you for your kind comments and sympathetic words of condolence. Round 2 was finished almost as soon as it started.Stodds, still smarting from his early departure in Round 1, embarked on a spree which began with an unsuspecting Skipper at the helm. Shortly thereafter the Ships Rat was found in the shower clutching a bottle of gin.Stodds struck with intelligence and insight but fate dealt a cruel blow as his next target was himself and he was thus eliminated.The Laird too suffered at the hand of fate when he picked his own name from the hat.That left the Plane Driver and the Daft Lad to slug it out to the bitter end.The Plane Driver, with youth on his side, had a lucky escape in the aft heads before seizing an opportunity which left the Daft Lad at. read more...


Blue Bayou - Taps Aff

Busy on the sun deck today!image1.

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