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Blue Bayou - Sailing in the dark......

and things that go bump in the night.

Our morning chafe check has often revealed some nocturnal goings ons. First of all something has left some worryingly large scales on deck a number of times. Exhaustive searching of the boat has yielded nothing - although it has eliminated the Karaoke Queen from the enquiries. It remains a mystery.

There’s the inevitable flying fish from time to time and much excitement came with the discovery of the Ship Eating Giant Squid. If only he’d been prepared to wait a little longer before fulfilling his ambition. We admired his pluck though, and paid our respects to the Admirable Squid before committing him to the deep (sadly the morning sun had dried him out a bit but we managed to scrape him off the deck without damaging the gel coat).

The Plane Driver landed the biggest Dorado to date which we ate for dinner. We all agree it would be bad news to come back as a fish. Or a squid for that matter.

Oh, and we’re down to the last two apples.....keeping them in The Laird’s Mankini proved a stroke of genius, they lasted ages.


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