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Owner Peder Sunde
Design Najad 440
Length Overall 13 m 30 cm
Flag Norway
Sail Number NOR15170

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Lily - Leg 2 - Day 14

Finally a healthy breeze has set in. We have 20-22 knots steady which means we are making good speed with genoa and a slightly reduced main. The waves are up a bit, but no more than you could expect going back from Svenner to Sandefjord on a summer day with a bit of sunset breeze. So moods are up, our Raymarine countdown to the St Lucia waypoint says 5 days, so we will soon be getting the fenders and mooring lines out ;)A little tale. On my nightwatch last night I sat there as you do and looked at the sky. On our starboard quarter I suddenly saw a bright white light. It hung in the air and I thought it might be a very bright star, but it was very close to the horizon. The light seemed to flicker and went out before a new light in the same place appeared. I was sure this was a flare, or. read more...


Lily - Leg 2 - Day 12

We have spent a lot of effort getting south and finally the wind has filled in giving us a decent speed. I really hope it lasts!The crew is all in high spirits, the food is still good, but the fruit is nearly out apart from a weird bunch of bananas. They seem to be of an evergreen type and refuse to ripen. I would not classify it as a big problem, but apart from lime, it is out last bit of fruit. We now see one boat a day on the AIS, so not a lot of traffic. The japanese whalers seem to have found other hunting grounds as well. So we continue or sail, winges out in a good breeze!Peder. read more...


Lily - Leg 2 - Day 10

Just another calm day with swimming, sweating and reading. Discussions on how to best intepret the GRIB files and how to get to the wind asap. And then, at around 6, just before dark the vind piped up. We trew our 2 foresails up on sticks and started flying bang on target at 5 knots. So after pouring libations to various deieties, knocking on wood, salt over our shoulders and crossing fingers we are now finally in a good breeze!Peder. read more...


Lily - Leg 2 - Day 9

Well... not a lot going on really. We had our first rain since northern Spain this morning, for about 5 minutes. Some clouds looked dark and ominous, but then they all left and we had a clear blue sky the rest of the day. Wind still not that great, 5-10 knots. But according to our information, the wind is suppose to increase to 10-15 tomorrow. We shall see. Peder. read more...


Lily - Leg 2 - Day 8

Today we celebrated the 1/3 of the way party. So we popped our second to last bottle of Cava and made sure we poured a libation for Poseidon and Neptun. We find that such things is better done than not in the weak and very undramatic mid-atlantic.We stopped goign SW today and are now goign more or less for target. Between watching season 2 of the Sopranos and fearing I might run out of books, that is the most importantr event of the day. Peder. read more...

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