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Owner Robert Trenouth
Design Moody 42
Length Overall 12 m 60 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR1671L

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Binkertoo - Limerick

Its 11 o'clock and the ARC Europe begins18 yachts have left the marina to joinUs on Binkertoo With our stalwart crewOf Taff, Peter and Ben, we're off on a run. Great Thatch Island we pass after an hourAnd turn to starboard for a further hourPast Jost van DykeThen another hikeTo head due north for Bermuda. Emerging from the shelter of the landWe meet the full force of the wind25 knots on the beamWith 8 foot high seasBouncing, pitching, rolling, we become subdued. We're flying along at an amazing paceWe swop to the jib on the inner stayMuttley to windwardNgahue to leeward It's hard to believe it's not a race. Whizzing north we're clocking up the miles While wishing we were full of smilesMeals cancelledEating abandonedPatching Taff's finger takes a whiles. Meanwhile clearing the soup from. read more...

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