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Owner Linda Lindenau
Design Beneteau Oceanis 473 Clipper
Length Overall 14 m 30 cm
Flag Sweden
Sail Number

Reg nr SFC 4858

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Peristera - A society

My crew didnt know eachother in advance. The bought their spots on the boat and came. Based on where they wanted to sleep, they organized themselves in what turned out to be job specific cabins. In the front port cabin we have the health care center, with a psysician and a nurse. They have a red cross on their door to guide us, and they are open for consultation between 9 and 10 in the mornings. The nurse is also an accomplished pastry baker, which makes this a very popular cabin. To starboard is the technical board, with two engineers. They are in charge of the stars and the chafe. Flattening of food tins is also part of their responsabilities. And in the aft port cabin resides the HR and communication departement. They are now in the process of organizing a ?funny hour? on Friday, of. read more...


Peristera - Unexpected fishing

As everybody with dreams of crossing oceans, I have read many books about other sailors and sailings. When we realized that we were running low on diesel, I remembered stories about cargoships throwing out canisters of diesel, in the middle of the ocean, to needy sailors. For several days we have searched for big ships along the horizon, and (this is the modern world) on the plotter. Yesterday we saw a cargoship 20 miles away, but I didnt dare to call them, they were too far away. But today we spotted Mary Jean II, 4,5 miles away, heading towards us. I swallowed, and picked up the VHF. ?Mary Jean II, this is Peristera, the sailing yacht in front of you. Do you happen to have some diesel to spare?? Mary Jean II, a motor yacht, 60 x 12 meter, asked us to stand by, and after five minutes. read more...


Peristera - Sail across the Atlantic Ocean?

Today we passed 100 engine hours. We are getting used to the noise, and to the luxury of having an abundance of electricity. We talk about the flat, calm sea, painted in fifty shades of grey,andhow beautiful it is. But after all, Peristera is a sailing boat, and we are here to sail. So earlier today, when, all of a sudden, the wind picked up to 14 knots, we immediately rolled out the sails. We knew we had to be fast, that the wind would be gone before we had even trimmed the sails properly. The rain came together with the wind, and when we were all wet, the wind died. We rolled in the sails, engaged the autopilot, spread out the wet gear and was ready just in time for the giant dorado to come out of the oven.We are lucky to have a fishing champion on Peristera. Diana surprises herself by. read more...

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