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Jack Rowland Smith
Owner John & Sue Hardy
Design Hanse 531
Length Overall 16 m 20 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR3527L

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Jack Rowland Smith - Log Day 14 - JACK Rowland Smith -Squalls and All

A more subdued log this morning as we have had a difficult weather night on JACK requiring constant vigilance and sail adjustment which equates to no sleep.The ARC 24 hour run report for midday yesterday came in at an average of 7.3 knots for JACK which we were pleased with.It maintained our overall average and showed us having a higher average speed over the last 24 hours than the other boats we follow who are all north of us.It is the first time we have really seen any visible evidence that south pays for wind but better late than never.This morning we have 550 miles to run.So to yesterday and we are definitely getting closer to land because we have spotted sea birds.Not many at this point and we have no idea what type, but birds they certainly are.We had a couple of parrotty looking. read more...


Jack Rowland Smith - Log Day 13 - JACK Rowland Smith - Wet (or not so wet) Weather Gear

No sign of the fabled “crew log” yet so you have me again!!Day 13 almost completed and, so far, very lucky for us.We have 725 miles to run and we now believe we can safely start looking at arrival dates/times which we believe will be early Thursday morning, obviously wind and routing permitting.Clocks went back another hour yesterday for the Independent State of JACK, such is the resident harmony that the hour was just adjusted and everyone mucked in the watch that consumed the extra hour.Oh if life was so simple in reality..........After a rough night the previous night, it was a relieved crew that saw the sun rise and allow some light cast on the sea and allow us understand what we were wrestling with.The wind had been constantly 20+ knots all night and the sea very confused and whilst. read more...


Jack Rowland Smith - Log Day 12 - JACK Rowland Smith - Portland Bill or North Atlantic?

Watch - Eat - chat (normally about nothing) - sleep - repeat.The life of a long distance sailor summed up in four simple words but alas, if it was that simple......Day 12 and we have less than 1,000 miles to go.In fact, as I write this, we have nearer 900 miles to go so 2,000 miles sailed and now it really does not matter whether you have a trained or an untrained eye, we have definitely got more of the Atlantic behind us than in front of us.The thought did cross my mind yesterday as to the range of a helicopter, the closer we get to land the more likelihood of being saved should something bad happen.A Pretty negative thought I know but I bet I am not the only person who is concerned that our vast expanse of equipment does not include medical niceties such as a defibulator.Rather. read more...


Jack Rowland Smith - Log Day 11 - JACK Rowland Smith - Trials and Tribulations

Not him again I hear you say......well “him” it is but there was some talk yesterday about others taking over the log for one episode but clearly not this one!!!Watch this spaceDay 11 and the position point has not moved for the untrained (or even partially trained) eye and yes, we are still in the middle of the Atlantic.However the stats are 1,800 miles sailed, 1,100 to go.The morning started well enough, albeit our overnight run had been down on miles because the wind was very light and variable.Dropped night miles are usually pointed out by worried family at home, rightly concerned that we may have lost our way in the dark and either tried to anchor (not really practical in 4.000 feet of water) or just followed the wind around in circles (very possible).“John the Router” has been. read more...


Jack Rowland Smith - Log Day 10 - JACK Rowland Smith - Life is Good

I cannot believe we are finishing day 10, time just passes quietly by at sea, well relatively quietly unless something kicks off........1,600 miles travelled, 1,300 miles to go and if you were to look at our position today, we are broadly in the middle between Africa and the Americas.Another cracking day for us; our standard sail plan of two reefs in the main, poled out jib, 20 - 25 knots of wind, blue skies, turquoise sea, speed constantly in the 8 and 9 knot area - what more could you possibly want?“More speed” demanded the skipper, frustrated that we were not moving up in the overall rankings, “no and what is the point” the crew responded very conscious of the impact of a false move on our compromised rig.As noted in yesterday”s log, the Independent State of JACK has been declared but. read more...

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