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Owner Mateusz Kubik
Design Bali 5.4
Length Overall 17 m 7 cm
Flag Poland
Sail Number POL000FQP

Catana Bali 5.4

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Oceano - Log Day 17 - Casserole and carrousel

Casserole and carrousel Tomorrow, around noon s/v „Oceano” arrives to Saint Lucia after weeks of being out of time, out of place, in the blue beyond, letting ourselves go, getting hypnotized by rhythms of the sea, the pace of watches and meals, unhurried conversations and sail changes. We nourished ourselves with nature, we healed our eyes tired from staring at screens, we healed our bodies, usually caged in enclosed spaces, in clothes for appropriate occasions by siting outside, bathing in the sun, reading, staring at the water, being continuously immersed in the wind, under the ceiling of the day and night skies. How I will miss this - the never-ending abundance of the horizon, the clarity of landscape, the dance of light and water. We’re arriving using our diesel - it’s not how we. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 16 - Dixit charms and exit fears

Our favorite game on board is Dixit. I am not a paid fan of it, it is my genuine opinion that this board game ( pun intended ) is perfect to play while sailing. It consists of a set of cards - images depicting certain emotions, states, actions, archetypes, personas through surreal imagery, dream-like logic, fairytale visual narrative. They look like taken from a dream, from a myth. Winged horses in the forest, open cages with butterflies coming out, dead trees holding flowers, spirals, open crests, bejeweled jungles, starry skies, monsters and angels. They bring to mind magical realism, paintings of Salvador Dali, psychoanalysis, childhood. Playing it flexes the imagination.  How does it work exactly? Each participant receives five cards. One person has to come up with a. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 15 - What are you sailing for?

For some people sailing is a sport. For some - a way to show off their wealth. For others - a lifestyle. For some - an escape. Sailing has a reputation of being a safe space for people who don’t fit it but at the same time is often presented as an activity that shows that you have time, money, ability to move slowly, work remotely or not work at all. It is for the hippies, pensioners and wanderers of this world but also for the rich and famous. It exceeds all social classes but also it is extremely connected with class and race. White Anglo-Saxon male is the classic sailor. He can be crazy, adventurous, Jack Sparrow style or more pragmatic andpractical - but still, when it comes to iconic imagery, it is the man you see behind the wheel and the woman is usually smiling and sunbathing. Is. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 14 - Navigare necesse est

We have this running joke among the crew that our catamaran is a love boat. Remember the cult tv series? The theme song ( the looooooveee boaaaat..) the great cruising ship filled with people and their complicated love lives, dangerous liaisons between passengers and the crew, dramas, comedy, thrills, lots of fashionable clothing, alcohol, very bad seamanship and even worst acting? I used to adore it. Our vessel is not great in size, but our personalities are larger than life, that is for sure. And we spend our days moving around the deck, the cabins, exchanging glances, remarks, getting sincere, playing dumb, joking, cracking up, singing, crying, suggesting, flirting, behaving like little brats bored to death, we wind each other up, we console, we have therapy sessions and silent. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 13 - Just a perfect day

In my last log I mentioned, there is nothing worst for a sailor than no wind. Especially for a sailor during the regattas. Well, it happened today. The wind started to die just before the dawn, in the wee hours, and afterwards everything was just getting more and more silent. 5 knots, 4 knots, 3 knots, 2 knots…And then the world stopped, like someone shut the power off. It was clear that the sails will not be working this day. They were hanging loosely like fresh wash on a line. We’ve put them to rest. Drinking our coffee with moods dampening by the minute we decided that we can’t worry in such a scenery we’re in. Well, it wasn’t good news for the rally but after a few days of squalls we craved the warmth and it was looking like a holiday folder weather outside. And it all turned out to. read more...

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