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Owner Mateusz Kubik
Design Bali 5.4
Length Overall 17 m 7 cm
Flag Poland
Sail Number POL000FQP

Catana Bali 5.4

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Oceano - Log Day 6 - Weather Girl

Last night’s sunset was a thing of beauty. Opal-like, radiating pastel sky and clouds like taken from an impressionist painting. Almost everyone from the crew was at the deck taking pictures or just staring in pure amazement at this spectacle people call weather. I do love sunsets at the boat too, but my favorite time of day is this delicate timeframe just before the sun rises, when colors gradually come back to the sky, darkness is slowly dissolving into grey, then lighter shades of violet, navy, blue and finally pink, white, eggy yellow, golden shades that release the sun like a pearl, and with it the warmth and clarity of the day. I am not a morning person, but I am always excited for this kind of ocean dawn. It is less kitschy and attention seeking than a sunset, less cliche. And it. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 5 - The ways of sea-ing

Every few hours ( the exact amount depends upon captain’s decision) we are taking turns behind the steering wheel to observe the sea. There can be two of us, three, sometimes a party of one. I remember the very first time I was alone on the watch. We were crossing the Irish Sea from Dublin to Isle of Man. It was foggy and grayish, the sea was brownish green and I felt like I was the loneliest person in the world. But it was also a liberating, almost ecstatic experience. Only me and my thoughts - nightmare for almost everyone in our world, clogged with distractions. For me it usually equally painful - when I am sitting alone in my Warsaw apartment at night all I can think of is my mistakes, death and - as Taylor Swift puts it in a song - „all of the people I ghosted stand up in the room”.. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 4 - Gender Trouble

-Hey, girl I don’t know where to find sugar!-Hey girl, I think the space needs cleaning already.-Hey, boy when do you think of asking me to help with gybing?-Hey, boy when will you consult me about navigation? Women who sail all around the world probably know where I’m going with these, though I hope I am speaking for the minority of us now. But still, in 21st century sailing experiences, years after maiden voyage of „Maiden” - we may have theoretical partnership in the rallies, the regattas, the watches, boat chores, cooking and cleaning, provisioning but still - when it comes to certain issues in #boatlife our male colleagues and friends have preferences and learned behaviours.Of course, everyone will deny, but through the years I have witnessed a lot of assumptions about my role. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 3 - Cooking

Cooking on board is an adventure. I fell in love with all things culinary when I was delegated to prepare a meal for the entire crew for the first time. It was also my very first time on sea and my very first Atlantic crossing ( not in ARC though, just following the rally’s tail). Before, for years, I have always dismissed cooking as an activity too banal and boring to learn. But then, suddenly, cooking was all about creating festive dishes out of limited ingredients while moving through a storm in a significantly tilted kitchen. You had to use your wits, your recipes had to be based on intuition and calculations of crew’s stomach capacities and their cravings of the moment and the weather forecast. It required gymnastic and sometimes even yoga skills, especially when you decided it is a. read more...


Oceano - Log Day 2 - Mirrorwriting

These first hours on sea are always eerie. The mind plays tricks on your body. You can be hungry as if you starved for days, you can fall asleep so suddenly like a rogue wave hits the deck. You can be exhilarated, madly focused, madly unfocused. You can cry your stomach out or stare numbly into the horizon. Every sea sickness is different - but it is always a mysterious and often painful signal that we are entering a different realm. A realm that will change us, that will grasp our fragile selves and spit us out to land equally exhausted and reborn.  The realm of the ocean is ever changing, cruel and poetic, unstoppable and eternal at the same time. Your phones are losing reception, your body loses balance, your thoughts get all watery, mood unstable. Every time I wake up on. read more...

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