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Owner Gary Lee Wells
Design Amel Super Maramu
Length Overall 16 m 0 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

1998 Amel Super Maramu

Previously sailed on ARC DelMarVa and ARC Caribbean 1500 in 2014.

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Adagio - Hazardous Duty Pay

Doing the dishes after a meal is a noble cause.Trying to save water, minimize trash and waste and making sure things get clean are all in the forefront of consideration when taking on the daily task.Without getting in to any 'discussion of 'roles' aboard, I do a lot of dishes. I figure it's only fair-share tasking for the great meals I enjoy aboard.Last night was a bit different for me as I started the post-meal cleanup chores.Most of the dishes were cleaned and racked for drying and I reached for the big pot as the last item of the evening.Just about then I hear from the helm "here comes a good one" ....Even when properly braced and secured there are times when it would be best to simply be sitting down.This was one such time, and when Adagio tilted over my downhill foot, even though. read more...


Adagio - How do you top this?

One of the dilemmas I faced about signing up for the ARC Europe Rally was the fact that during the time we were to be saling across the Atlantic Robin and I would be celebrating pour Tenth Anniversary.Now, usually I try to make a pretty big deal out of our Anniversaries and there have been times set aside for special trips or events to commemorate our years together.This year, however, presented a special challenge.My thinking was; "How do I get away with something like a special time together, a great weekend getaway, or a special event kind of thing when we are already going to be traveling to the Azores???" I mean, come on I try to pass this off as "Hey sweetheart, I've been trying to figure out a really special place to spend our Anniversary ... How about I take you to the. read more...


Adagio - Home stretch for Adagio

It appears as though we will be making landfall in Horta sometime tomorrow afternoon (05/29/16). The winds are holding for now, and if we need to motor in the last hundred miles we can do so with the remaining fuel and have plenty of reserves.If the winds DO die down, we won;t hesitate to motor in as the need to stay ahead of the next weather system outweighs considerations for engine time and fuel burn. That's just the way it goes.This morning was our first encounter with thunder and lightning along our path, a single cell just ahead of us and several larger ones to the north by a few miles.Thankfully the storms pressed ahead and north faster than we were going so we only encountered the one noisy one and the rest were just washing the boat off for us.I imagine had we been a few miles. read more...


Adagio - Movie Madness, as it were.

Finally some wind this evening. I don;t know if we just hit it right on the head, or if we fell exactly into place with the progressing Hi pressure ridge, but it has been quite a run of light winds and smooth seas.It makes for a nice ride and enjoyable socializing but a tough choice of slow going or using engine hours.When we received the email briefing that the next weather feature we would experience would be a pretty strong LOW pressure system with some accompanying strong winds and higher waves it cemented our decision to make as much forward motion as possible.So, with our priorities rearranged we kept the engine running throughout the day and motor-sailed as quickly as possible for several extra hours.As of this writing we are sailing again because the winds have picked up again.I. read more...


Adagio - All Things "Running"

So many times I've thought about all the 'things' and systems aboard Adagio.It seems sometimes like the boat is more of a self-contained city than a pleasure craft and keeping everything up to speed is often a challenging task.Every sailor has the "to-do" list and often times the list gets longer instead of shorter when you set out to fox something but discover a couple more layers of effort are now needed to solve adjacent problems.Boats are like Ogres, we joke making reference to Shrek's analogy about onions and many "layers" of complexity.Today we are running a bunch of the boat's systems as we make progress toward the Azores.Since we have very little to absolutely no wind, we are motoring along. As the motor, transmissions and drive train hum along spinning the propeller, we are. read more...

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