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Owner Paul Redman
Design Prout Quasar 50
Length Overall 14 m
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 101

Previously sailed in ARC 2009, 2013 & 2014

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Pelican - Nov 24 Log day 6 and a small disaster

Hello again from the crew of Pelican, Yesterday just before our plunge south due to the imminent storm today where we were, be dropped all the sails due to lack of wind and had a crew party 'musac', beer and food as the wind switched on again we got under way. Today we had a minor disaster we found a hole in the bottom of our kettle, this of course means that the supply of tea/coffee dries up. A prompt solution was found by drilling the hole out, tapping it and inserting a very expensive stainless steel nut and bolt complete with runner washer, once again we have a functioning kettle. On the bread front once again we have tried to bake bread in our cobb oven, the mix had the consistency of plaster and the mix fought a valiant attempt to escape over the work surface, somehow we managed to. read more...


Pelican - Nov 22 Log Day 4 Frustration !!

It has been a bit of a frustrating day today we seem to have been chasing the GRIB files looking for wind. we have a northerly wind flowof 8 to 10 knots, but at the moment we have taken our sails down and checking the battentension. As we were stationary fishing line out the back, expecting sushi very soon now......probably not with my luck. Yesterday we made a valiantattempt to bake bread in our cobb oven, to say it was probably not the best made bread in the world would be correct. An early indication was the first slice of bread was still a bit gooey, so it went back in to the cobb, only to come out 40 mins later looking a lot better. That was until we tried to cut it the carving knife did not touch it we resorted to a hack saw, and that got through the loaf just fine. Any help on. read more...


Pelican - Nov 21 Log day 3 very hot 'n very still

For the last 18 hours or so we have been sailing on the spot so to speak we have had very littlewind at all to speak of as at 16:30 we have started to move again and funnily enough it towards St Lucia..... can't get better than that. Had a few domestic problems with an engine that would not run if its partner was not running but having said that we are all happy and on our way again. Tried fishing to day did not catch anything so I gave up after 15 mins this morning tried again this afternoon and did not catch anything.... not too sure why people have fishing as a hobby. Our crew member from Las Palmas seems to be a lot better to day thankfully.Having got through all the chicken we are now on to beef tonight...... shame it was not fish but there is always another 15 mins for fishing!. read more...


Pelican - Nov 20 Log day 002 Wow what about last night sailing

As expected Chris was right about the weather, we had a fairly bouncy night on Pelican, we also saw a few boats that were having 'issues' and I don't discount ourselves from that. We lost a halyard up the mast which necessitated someone going up the mast to retrieve the errant halyard.Early evening we lost the use of our cruising shoot.... not much more I can say about that. All on board are ok except our crew who has yet to find his sea legs... and we all know what that means. Had a great chicken curry to night we have chicken stew...... guess the captain wants to eat chicken. Today had dawned bright and sunny with light wind and we are generally going in the direction we want. All's fine on Pelican. read more...


Pelican - Nov 18 Log Day 1: ready......... at last

Pelican has for the last 2 weeks been sitting here in the marina being quietly worked to ready her for the 7th ARC. We have today added a new crew member his name is John Daniel and we welcome him aboard this afternoon. I have been led to believe he is saying he is 'stoked'!! Moving on to the sailing all of us on Pelican are greatly looking forward to the adventure ....... again, the arc never fails to amaze.Pelican takes the opportunity to wish all participants a safe and smooth passage. For now we just sit and wait for the start.......... to be continuedFrom everyone on Pelican. read more...

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