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Pelican - Nov 24 Log day 6 and a small disaster

Hello again from the crew of Pelican,

Yesterday just before our plunge south due to the imminent storm today where we were, be dropped all the sails due to lack of wind and had a crew party 'musac', beer and food as the wind switched on again we got under way.

Today we had a minor disaster we found a hole in the bottom of our kettle, this of course means that the supply of tea/coffee dries up. A prompt solution was found by drilling the hole out, tapping it and inserting a very expensive stainless steel nut and bolt complete with runner washer, once again we have a functioning kettle.

On the bread front once again we have tried to bake bread in our cobb oven, the mix had the consistency of plaster and the mix fought a valiant attempt to escape over the work surface, somehow we managed to get it under control and force the mix into a tin we found and put the whole lot in the cobb oven to cook. 35 mines later we took the lid off only to fine it had escape the tin and was quite happily cooking on the bottom of the oven.

An extra 40 mins later we chiselled the resultant bread (I use the term loosely) out of the tin to find not only was it just as hard on the outside as the last effort but still uncooked on the inside, it now sit sulking on the side while we try and decide what to do with it.

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