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Ostra A
Owner Ritchie Gatt
Design Oyster 53
Length Overall 16 m 41 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 5323

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Ostra A - Fish caught by a Pike!

For the first time since our beginning we have all had a good night sleepwithout interruption of waves and sound. This calm came together with such aclear night sky that i was almost impossible to identify the constellations, butfortunately Ritchie downloaded an app on his computer, called Planets, whichallowed us to spot the constellations.The day then started with a beautiful sunrise that unfortunately was onlyseen by Mat and Orshi, but luckily there are phones to capture the moment inphotos. <pictures inserts at Wi-Fi reception> More beautiful sunrises/setswill sure to come, so no worries!  Coral made pancakes to start of the day which put us all in high energy,aka dance mode. The good atmosphere took away the wind at noon but no cryingover spilled milk as Mat and Emil took. read more...

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