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Owner Anne Storey
Design Beneteau Oceanis 58
Length Overall 18 m 24 cm
Flag New Zealand
Sail Number

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Laissez-faire - The Back 9 version2

 It suits your lazy fairy'Tho term a bit ineptTo do Atlantic cruisingWith cheeseboard sort of boozingYour words just keep af-flowingLike tide which needs no mowing Love your choice of phrasingTo describe sh? -oh go to blazes!Maybe Canaries friends will tweetCarribean ones more sweetwho knows! But one venture nearly overNext one to beginIf I was your age for next one I'd sign in!congrats to all the crewMack the Master's done his jobTo meld you all together - but he knewYou'd integrate like corn upon a cob.He probably deserves a knighthoodBut in British Virgins that might be newso best of luck to your fairy friendsBut don't toss over your captain he may get the bendsJust you all just smile and sayThank god we've done it. ? Again?Maybe another day.Avid fan (fairy grandma!)Ruth K-T. read more...


Laissez-faire - The Back 9

Well here we are with 40 miles to goWind up, waves tossing us too and fro.Who cares we didn't want it too easy,just finished a cheeseboard, roast pork, easy peasy.Will be nice to disembark I must say,Lazy Fairy will seemingly fit right in in Rodney Bay.Bikini comp apparently on wednesday night,Joe and Rick will probably enter after a few Mt Gays poured right.Norm and Mack busy talking tactics, while the younger boys are just keen to go for a stable shower, shave and sh&t..Looks like we're about to see land,and at this stage we'd like to thank all our fans.From the ones we left in Gran Canaria to the ones in NZ,Thank you for following our journey, and don't worry we've been well fed.Norm even got the word from HQ about his cheese intake,c'mon Helen he's on holiday, give mr fix it a. read more...


Laissez-faire - Opportunity Lost

Good Evening from the Lazy Fairy,Action from start to finish of late,Cheap red vino to think what might have been fate.400 metres of line peeled and the bastard went deep,full drag on - this bad boy was one we wanted to keep.Fight had started and everyone knows Joe doesn't mind a scrap,but the look on his face had all the markings that he might have just taken a crap.Norm made the life jacket in to a harness and it was working well,Mack slow the f***ing boat down, this was turning into a hard sell.Slowly progress was being made but proving quite tough,but it was getting closer and that was enough.Looks like Mr Yellow Fin has seen the boat,and my lord he was angry he was nearly afloat.He went this way and that and tried to shake free,The big fish finally got his wish, manipulating. read more...


Laissez-faire - Media Release

This goes out to our large and ever growing global fan base.Due to some minor complaints about the language used in our first post this is what we have to say on the matter:It was not our intention to offend the language used was harsh but we did not so intend.For those who are concerned everyday we remind Rick to brush his teethAlthough changing his undies might be greater date a lot of nudity going down,to our female followers I bet you wana know who wears the crown, we will leave this for your minds to wander,while we sit on the back waiting for mahimahi and ponder.Life is lonely out on the sea, but in its own way it looks like iv found the meaning of life for both you and me.Yes we're getting deep on the Laissez-faire like you do,pondering the big questions like are we the. read more...


Laissez-faire - Ode

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria treated us wellSo did the spanish girls in old town but a gentlemen never tells (side note: spanish girls are phenomenally good looking and I will be back to find my wife)Race delayed until the tuesday, so what?  Time for another whiskey with Tom the mad bastard Scot.Last minute admin to run, washing to do, lures to buy, nothing need to be underdoneFaces were starting to get serious so we thought we'd chill on some roots, reggae and rum.Race starts, wind quite fresh and we hit a nice holeLaissez-faire up and running, even had to use the pole.Winds started to get fresh to death,that was gona turn our lamb roast in to a mess,the meat may have suffered some bruising…what the f**k we thought this was cruising!Couple days in and sleeping was nigglyat least. read more...

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