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Intrepid Bear
Owner James Simpson
Design Catana 431
Length Overall 43 feet 2 inches
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR644M

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Intrepid Bear - Intrepid Bear - Jack The Bear visits Intrepid Bear

Today was party day! Thea is 7 years old and thrilled to be enjoying her birthday in the middle of the Atlantic - aren't many who can have that claim to fame, let alone at her age. Amazingly, during the night Jack The Bear (aided by Rocio and Gaspar) had visited the boat and left clues to where he'd hidden treasure on board. The kids all dressed up in pirate costumes and the treasure hunt commenced, culminating in a wonderful pile of presents which is now keeping the kids amused. Thea was able to choose the menu for the day so it was a full english for breakfast, tuna pasta for lunch and steak for dinner...yum! Getting a little late to enjoy the apple crumble so that will be saved for tomorrow. Milly was asking whether they could have that for breakfast. When we started this trip, she. read more...


Intrepid Bear - Unexpected visitors

After 10 days of large swell, winds from the South and close hauled port tacks (that wasn't in the brochure!), we're now motoring. Very much feeling the effects of the low we tried to duck under and currently seeing 3 knots of wind, not really enough to push us along comfortably. As a result, engine is on and fishing rods are out. Had tried to do some fishing already but it seems that surfing down waves isn't conducive to keeping lures on the line...let's see if we have better luck now we're going somewhat slower. The let up in the wind has allowed us one expected pleasure...taking the plunge in the middle of the Atlantic. After assuring the kids that there weren't any whales, sharks etc, in we all jumped. First's WARM!! Not warm as in "a little tepid but it will warm up",. read more...


Intrepid Bear - Halfway marker

During the course of the night we crossed another landmark point for us...the halfway marker. For some time the Cape Verdes offered a bolt hole if we had any problems to deal with on the boat. In passing the 1,400 mile marker, it is with some nervousness that we appreciate that this door has been firmly shut and that regardless of what is thrown at us, the only option is to head West towards the Caribbean. For some time now the only company we've had are the shoals of flying fish that literally fly to get out of our way. Some make it, others impale themselves on various parts of the boat leaving us with a morning chore of clearing the deck of dead fish each morning. This makes sitting out on the helms more interesting - you never know if you're going to get a direct hit! We've been told. read more...


Intrepid Bear - Intrepid Bear - 1,000 mile marker!

hi everyone!little update from the bears on Intrepid Bear. first of all, can't quite believe that we're now coming into our sixth day at sea with over 1,000 miles on the log. Time and sea really has been flying past. The last few days have been some of our most exhilarating sailing since we set off from Portsmouth back in August. Much of the trip to date had more of a motor sailing feel to it with many hours bewitched by the sound of the engine. Not so the last few days (as long as you exclude the charging of batteries!). The start provided some strong winds to whizz us down the side of Gran Canaria where we opted to take a more Southerly route to avoid the wind acceleration zone - as it was 25+ knots was fine for us and we had friends taking 40 knots in this zone. By the afternoon we. read more...

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