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La Capitana
Owner Jan Lindroos
Design Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43
Length Overall(m) 13m 21 cm
Flag FIN
Sail Number "La Capitana" (no number)

White hull. Blue bottom. Blue Bimini and sprayhood.
Gennaker colours: Spain's red and yellow top, and side corners. Blue top and botton thirds sections, white middle section with a red section across in which the lettering La Capitana.

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La Capitana - And today we eat Tuna steak - Log #4

Fresh out of the sink this morning at 06:15 LT. The chief steward ordered a tuna and what la capitana says is of course what she gets. Ordered size was"for three". Crew Matt and tuna posing.JanP.S. Okay okay... you had your fun. In my previous log was "Dolphin willeven better after theWashoo?"2605_atlantic_5000. read more...


La Capitana - Dressed up! Post #1

Dressed up for the rally...  and for the spring and summertime up north!Jan. read more...


La Capitana - Dolphin, Dorado and/or Mahi-Mahi) 5kg - tasted good

Three Dorados caught so far (3, 5 and 2 kg) but the biggest one was lost due to boat speed. The fish was probably 10kg.Jan. read more...


La Capitana - Log 8 - Flying fish

Voyage is proceeding as expected. Winds have been blowing from NE to SE meaning it has been smooth riding with the wind. The swell has diminished from three meters to one meter. Present ETA to destinatioin is in the morning of the 15th, next week Saturday. We lost a sizable fish on day before yesterday. The only limitation is the imagination but it could have been a big tuna. Anyways, we have seen a lot of flying fish. One poor guy landed in our boat.Jan. read more...


La Capitana - Log 7 (I think) - Main sail hoisted

I think – because transmissions reported by Norton indicated that messages were not sent despite having moved to the sent folder and recommended a new attempt. So – hopefully some of the previous got through. Anyways, we are approaching the half-way point tomorrow morning. We are going to celebrate that – and the Finnish Independence Day- by opening a bottle of Cava. Getting another catch would crown the day. Since we broke our spinnaker pole on the day of departure we have sailed with the genoa as the only sail but as the winds settled today to a more comfortable status we raised the main sail. All the way up.Be aware – we are coming from behind! Jan. read more...

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