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Owner Leona Boller
Design X-65
Length Overall 20 m 1 cm
Flag Australia
Sail Number AUS651

X-Yachts X65 Launched April 2012

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Katherine - Day 14 - ARC Completed in St Lucia and a little reflection

Well we made it, Lee and Andrew still talking to each other and Lee planning where to next (as you would expect)Pete and Darb still talking to us and each other and reflecting fondly on the past 2 weeks and desperately awaiting fresh company (their respective wives) Distance Travelled: 2782nmVMG: (straightline speed) 8.9knMax Speed: 19knMax Miles in 24hrs: 265nmMiles without Main sail (flaked on deck): 1800nmMiles without Jib (flaked on deck): 620nmMiles under spinnaker (prior to it exploding): 110nmNumber of Flying fish on Deck: 24Number of Dorado Caught: 3Number Gourmet Meals Consumed (cooked with fresh ingredients): almost all Best Breakfast: Poached eggs with Serrano hamBest Lunch: Fresh Cooked QuicheBest Main: Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Asian sweet sauce and riceBest Red. read more...


Katherine - Day 13: Sunday 9th "14:17.33N 59:38.47W"

Started the morning with eggs and iberian ham and continued on with a relatively  non eventful day which is how we prefer the day to be. Consistent winds around 20 – 24 knots saw us put away some good miles through most of the day. Unfortunately mother nature decided to put in a reminder around 6 pm that we weren't home yet and there was still no time to be complacent. So just as we were plating up the tuna salad -  which took on a life of its own and began to head to all corners of the bench – basically any where but in its bowl squalls came in gusting to 30 knots plus along with a call from up top for immediate stowing of food while we reefed down.With strong winds we made good progress throughout the night and are excited to say that for the first time we have St Lucia on. read more...


Katherine - Day 12: Saturday 6th Birthday Onboard "15:00.47N 55:43.74W"

The focus of today was on Darb’s birthday. Thinking we should spoil him hehad an entire day free of washing up duties. Birthdays don't excuse you howeverfrom watches or sail duties so he still had to put in for that time. Pete andLee set about planning an appropriate dinner which now will see us all joiningweight watchers on our return to Terra Firma. The Menu: Slow Roasted Pork Belly with another special secret sauce on a bed ofRice Crispy Green Salad Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding with Macadamia Ice-cream Accompanied by a bottle of 2005 Cote De Imaz Reserva Rioja Not too bad for a birthday meal nearly two weeks out to sea.  As for the sailing side. The temporary fix to the outhaul clew gave wayagain and needed another set of Dynema lashings made. Looks like the area whereit. read more...


Katherine - DAY 11 'Two For One'

Great day on the water. The wind came in and with Katherine's Headsail and Main restored we have been able to sail though out the night averaging 9 plus. The lack of battens – three on the deck and only three top remaining has only caused issues with her stability with wind and and wave movements – an annoying occasuinal luffing and slapping that keeps the watch person on their toes to stop.  We haven't been overly successful on the fishing side and apparently the number of flying fish that we have caught don't count as Islay’s crew believe we have the advantage of an airstrip for landing. However we may have just gained the upper hand in this competition with the catch of not one but two fish on the one line with a combined length of 1m. During the night we started our last. read more...


Katherine - DAY 10: Productive Day at Sea "16:06.16N 48:07.38W"

With light to non existent winds for the majority of the day the fellows took to sending AB up the mast again to retrieve the halyard  and retrieve the top swivel and set about rechecking and removing another batten from the main, while Lee attacked the inside right down to digging out the vacuum cleaner. With sail wardrobe almost restored – don't have a sewing machine on-board to stitch up the A3 – every one was feeling pretty impressed. Even better we also got to dig out the Code 0 for a short time and put it away without any damage! To make the most of the calmer conditions we decided a BBQ was in order and set to cooking up some steaks with a good Aussie Shiraz as an early celebration for Darbs birthday which is actually Saturday. Highlight of the day was around 5pm. read more...

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