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Scarlet Oyster
Owner Ross Applebey
Design Oyster Lightwave 48
Length Overall 14 m 60 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR17025

Scarlet Oyster is a race charter yacht, with a formidable race record. A long time ARC competitor and supporter, this is her skippers 7th ARC, and the 5th on Scarlet Oyster!
Her skipper is eying up a 6th Class win, which would be his 5th in a row on Scarlet!

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Scarlet Oyster - ARC de Triomph?

Hi All,Well, its been a busy couple of days on the good ship Scarlet, my boring routine of sailing, stargazing, and great food was made more interesting yesterday with the information that the aft head had blocked itself!It seemed that a perfect storm of under flushing, rich diet, a bit of calcium build up combined with wet wipe was more than the pipework was able to pass…If there is a nice clean and tidy way of dismantling blocked full pipework at sea in a large swell i have yet to perfect it, not a pleasant way to spend a hot afternoon i can assure you!I am pleased to report however all ‘contamination’ was contained and after removing all pipework and cleaning and descaling every part, with a couple of new one way valves the aft head is now fragrant and very efficient.In other news we. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Blog day 8

Hi All,As Al said before, anyone not out here right now is missing out on a fabulous crossing!We passed the milestone of halfway yesterday, it is always a matter of opinion as to what exactly passes for halfway though!You could argue it is the point at which you are half the distance to the finish that you were at the start in this case thatwould be about 1340nm to go, equally you could also make the point thatyou are halfway when exactly the same distance geographically from the start point as the finish line, this point would be reached earlier unless you happened to be on the rhumb line.There is also that you are halfway when halfthe elapsed time of the course has been sailed, with modern weather forecasting and accurate weather routing software with accurate polars this is possible. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - scarlet oyster blog

Those abed in England this day will rue that they were not here.Yesterday was another scorching day upon the water, we are firmly in the tropics and have been for some time. As ever the sailing is dramatic, a slight wave creates a car wash noise as we accelerate, more breeze and a long surf is possible, a much longer surf and take your hands off the wheel if on course and check the speed for a new record. We have settled into our watches but a fair amount of bunk hopping is necessary as folk prowl the yacht in search of the quietest bunk, a fruit less task as we rock and roll and the sheet winch grunts and groans. Animated conversation and gales of laughter fill the air day and night, punctuated with instructions to trim, ease, COME UP, COME UP ! We are running on UK time so that every. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Scarlet Al Blog

We have unleashed the surly bonds of earth and sail the seas on laughter silvered wings.A lunchtime tortilla wrap making contest has developed on board, Kelsey having scaled new heights yesterday with crispy lettuce, warm prosciutto, fried red pepper ( peminto in Spanish ) and onions with cucumber and full grain mustard. By popular request today the filling was scrambled egg and diced fresh red pepper and barely ripe tomatoes and Joules thoughtfully added fried lardons and onions plus the chilli con carne left over from yesterday. Captain Ross hankers after the simpler traditional fare of preserved meat and lettuce but has an ever so slightly dodgy habit of going off script himself. he added smoked paprika and tabasco sauce to the evening dishes he has been presenting plus a crafty way. read more...


Scarlet Oyster - Captain Scarlet Blog 1

Hi All,Apologies for this being our first missive, various factors for this, including losing, well misplacing in any event the bit of paper with the address we needed to write this too!We are now over 4 days into our Atlantic Odyssey of 2018 and life onboard is settling into a bit of a routine, with our rolling watch whereby we change a crew member per hour keeping a degree of continuity as the days and nights roll by.We had a great start, setting our kite as the gun fired, just behind the line and in front of our adversaries!Fantastic way to begin.We were delighted to have more wind than forecast and actually escape the clutches of the forecast high pressure, which promised to slow proceedings.A gybing battle along the coast of Gran Canaria ensued with the shore side continually paying. read more...

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