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Scarlet Oyster - Photos

Another great day onboard Scarlet Oyster! Great sailing in 10kn of wind, Ben bravely flew his drone again, and this time the camera was recording too;-) We have some stunning HD video, but sending 4GB video files are a bit beyond my sat comms budget so we will have to upload an edit when we get some more cost effective internet! The Iridium GO we have which is brilliant is on unlimited data but at under 1kb per second it would take till February at best to send, and we quite like using it for weather email and position updates!

We will send some photos over the Fleet Broadband, I can afford to do this now as the GO is saving so many connections per day!

Wind a bit tricky now, we are expecting the wind to back around towards the NE more so will gybe on the shift and start plugging West again. Seems we are leading our class still, Celtic Spirt retired from racing a while back to allow them to motor through the calms, Escapado are going well up in the North, but need to get South at some point!

Seun did a great job of catching the drone on each flight, i would have almost certainly missed the catch, which would have denied us of not only the drone but also the footage… The pics are somewhat compressed, but the originals look amazing

All for now!


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