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Owner Nick Mason-Jones
Design Moody 47
Length Overall 14 m 53 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR2882L

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Johanem - Johanem over!

Having secured3rd place on handicap in our division from the Azores to Lagos in Portugal, Johanem is now en route to Sardinia. We have just passed Cape Trafalgar as we enter the Strait of Gibraltar. We had such a great sail yesterday (18th June) that we had to stop for a few hours in Rota to wait for the tide to turn in our favour. Unfortunately we are still trying to catch that elusive fish for supper and are now on our next lure! Just passing a few warships! Has anything happened in Syria???Johanem over!. read more...


Johanem - Final Day

A happy days sailing! We had a wonderful clear starry night last night and Nick did restrain himself on the vocal front, brilliant sunshine, no wildlife and a few cargo ships today! We are now about 60 miles from Cape St Vincent and should be in Lagos by the early hours of Saturday morning.Fish supper is not on the menu again!!! We have failed to hook anything on the fish front over the last few days so perhaps we will have to look in the cabbage locker! Oh no! we hear our dedicated followers cry "not the cabbage again!!" but we do still have one remaining so it might have be.... Soup? Stew? Boiled ? or Surprise?????  Hopefully a sardine supper in Lagos tomorrow night. Strange to think that this may be the last ARC Europe blog that we post. ARC Europe finishes in Lagos and the. read more...


Johanem - !Johanem blog 13 June

After the excitements of Mike's birthday yesterday which included two fizz o'clocks (FOC) today has started on a more serious and less alcoholic note. The forecast thick fog has failed to materialise and instead we have a bright sunny morning with good sailing wind from NE. We are 240 miles from Cape St Vincent and hope to reach Logos on Saturday morning if this wind holds. Its a slightly sad thought that once into the Med the boat is unlikely to be this far from land for some time, although there is an alternative school of thought about this!Tonight we will change the regular dinner menu of caviar, pate de foie gras and cabbage to steak, but only in the unlikely event that we do not catch a big tuna today. After hooking a seagull yesterday (which would have posed an interesting. read more...


Johanem - Mike's birthday

Greetings on this day of celebrations,Our magical mystery tour across the Ocean continues, we have now past the half way stage.This milestone together with Mike's birthday brought out the champagne and cake. FOC time!Sightings today include one tanker and a few dolphin - the dolphin visit most days. No whales yet.Dispite our best efforts we have yet to utilise our EU fishing quota, although we did get close to catching a bird.(The Captain has asked me to state that it escaped unharmed)Captains jokes continue, usual after our evening beer (BOC) and we look forward to a night with the much talked of song sheets (SOC).Certain members of the crew have shaved and showered, some are happy maintain the Salty Seadog image.Kind regards etc to the girls in Lisbon we hope you are having as much fun. read more...


Johanem - Johanem

Having goosewinged northwards on a perfect course for the UK the decision was taken today to gybe and head south. We have put up the cruising chute and everyone, including dolphins, is enjoying the extra knot of speed more towards our destination! Unfortunately it is not a fish supper yet again as our only bite got away. Maybe tomorrow??? I have reconciled myself to not seeing any whale on this trip as we are now off the migratory route north. One day ....All are in good heart and the sun is shining. Best wishes to all at home.. read more...

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