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Owner Schoenicke Skipperteam
Design Beneteau First 47.7
Length Overall 14 m 80 cm
Flag Germany
Sail Number

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Sunrise - ARC2021 - Day #17,5 on the SUNRISE

How much water do you need for one day? Or in our case: How much water do we need for a crew of eight for our passage? This question was completely new to all of us.Nevertheless we had to ask ourselfs these essential questions before our start to St. Lucia.As we don`t have a water maker on board it is necessary to calculate accurately. What do we need water for? First of all for drinking. Then making tea, coffee and cooking. We do need water for washing ourself or taking a shower. Of course we need water to wash dishes and clean up our boat. After talking about the amount of water we had to figure out which capacity we have to store water. Our vessel has three tanks of fresh water, in total 620 liters. We agreed that we wouldn´t use the water in our tanks for drinking. So we bought 252. read more...


Sunrise - ARC2021 - Day #18 on the SUNRISE

Today we arrived in St. Lucia :) - guess at which time ;) ?..... at SUNRISE of course!Now we want to introduce our fantastic crew in a few words."Käpt´n Dörk und seine Trimmfüchse"Skipper Dirk:former professional musician specialized on brazilian percussion, tourguide based in Brazil and "parttime" skipper, completed his 50.000. nautical mile as skipper during this, his first atlantic crossing. He has a german oceanic skipper licence. Special task on this trip: bakeryTina:biologist in neuro science, it was her third atlantic crossing, takes part in various regatta races Special task on this trip: Sail profile fine tuning expertMarkus:Self employeed tax advisor, Holds the german skipper license "SKS", sails often in the baltic sea, Ijsselmeer, Homebase: Lemmer, Special task on this trip:. read more...


Sunrise - ARC2021 - Day #17 on the SUNRISE

A classic definition of logistics? Well, providing the right thing in the right quality and the right amount in time at the right place and as well in the right packaging. Now - what's the connection to the 2021 ARC here and especially to our journey across the Atlantic on our sailing vessel SUNRISE? Let's start right at the beginning: Our first online-meeting in preparation for this event. Already there it was clear to all of us that we need to align in terms of breakfast, lunch and dinner habits, personal preferences, physical intolerances, etc.Arriving on Gran Canaria, we quickly sat together in order to start our calculations:How much water do we need per day per person? How much other beverages like juice, milk, beer, wine, CocaCola, etc.? What amounts of food do we need in total?. read more...


Sunrise - ARC2021 - Day #16 on the SUNRISE

Fishing while ARCingInspired by the many fotos of former ARC participants showing off with the big fish they caught, the Sunrise crew decided during the preparatory online sessions to give it a try as well.Once we were at the boat and inspected the equipment that was there one thing became obvious: an investment in a new reel, line, and bait was asked for!So we went to our trusted fishing supply dealer (the nearest one) to do some shopping. After intense consulting by the shop's owner we left the shop with a brand new reel - already with 500 m .87 gauge line on it-, 500 more meters of line as a reserve, and several plastic squids and wobblers as bait.Two days after the start of the rally, we gave it a first try. To be honest, several trials, as we had not a single bite in the first three. read more...


Sunrise - ARC2021 - Day #15 on the SUNRISE

Father and SonFather: I remember the time when Alain was still a baby, not even two months old, and was already sailing with us on our 32 feet yacht on Lake Constance. It happens sometimes that the interest for a hobby vanishes when it is present from the very early age. But not with Alain and his sister Tatiana! As adults they are now sailing on the very same ship on their own and perform as part of our family-crew in several regattas around the year. For Alain and me the Atlantic crossing with the ARC is the longest and most intense sailing experience so far. In contrary to my slowly decreasing physical abilities like night vision, Alains performance, however, is still on the rise and even slowly outperforming me. For me as a father this is the best outcome that i could have wished. read more...

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