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Sunrise - ARC2021 - Day #17 on the SUNRISE

A classic definition of logistics?
Well, providing the right thing in the right quality and the right amount in time at the right place and as well in the right packaging.
Now - what's the connection to the 2021 ARC here and especially to our journey across the Atlantic on our sailing vessel SUNRISE?

Let's start right at the beginning: Our first online-meeting in preparation for this event. Already there it was clear to all of us that we need to align in terms of breakfast, lunch and dinner habits, personal preferences, physical intolerances, etc.
Arriving on Gran Canaria, we quickly sat together in order to start our calculations:
How much water do we need per day per person? How much other beverages like juice, milk, beer, wine, CocaCola, etc.? What amounts of food do we need in total? What are dishes that require ingredients with pretty short expiry dates - these need to be cooked in the first days / first week... What are our dishes for week #2 and week #3? What packaging is suitable for our journey (don't forget environmental aspects here as well).

After getting our shopping list together, all seven crew members including our skipper Dirk went to the supermarket "Hiper Dino" and split up to four groups of two, each having their share of the shopping list and filling at least two shopping carts. It was a gift from heaven that the store delivered all those supplies directly to our boat in the marina - a mid-sized truck was neccessary to transport the entire amount of 47 transport-boxes with our goods. Now the next challenge: Sailors' TETRIS! Pack all that into your boat... but under following restrictions: It must be safe in terms of the ship's movements on the ocean. Plus everyone must be aware of what can be found where. Not to forget the proper weight-distribution across the ship.

So far, we seem to have managed this logistics challenge quite well. We cook delicious meals on a daily basis, we did not run out of anything so far (small hint: We already catched five fish so far, therefore we often had "fresh" meat - please also take a look at our fishing-episode in this blog), nobody has to stay thirsty and we are confident for the last ~300 nautical miles ahead.

Stay tuned - your SUNRISE-crew!

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