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Owner Shane Diethelm
Design Swan 48 (Frers)
Length Overall 14 m 83 cm
Flag Australia
Sail Number 53444

Swan 48 Sumatra

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Sumatra - Log Day 15: Flying Fish and the Descent into Madness

I just sat down to write this log and looked across the galley to see the boys have uncovered a secret stash of Pepsi somewhere deep in the bowels of the boat - hurrah! Just when we were about to run out. Anyhow, we have less than 200 miles to go now and are eagerly anticipating the finish. We should arrive in St Lucia before midday tomorrow, all things going well.  The last few days seem to have blended together into one happy, sunny blur, and I think we all have mixed feelings about coming to the end of this passage. I will really miss the mental clarity that comes from being all alone in this great wide ocean, far from the reach of smart phones, internet, to-do lists, commuting and multitasking... However, it will be nice to sleep without having to brace myself, and to know that. read more...


Sumatra - Log Day 14: Happy Days

I have been accused by some of the crew of being too negative in previous posts... it hasn't all been bad, I promise! And that storm last Wednesday was really rough... during mine and Josh's watch, at least. We are still catching all the squalls, while Andrew and Basil kick back in the starlight with rum and cokes and ICE, I tell you, freshly made ICE CUBES. Oh yes, and about 10 days into the trip Andrew revealed that he and Basil trot off for showers the minute their watch begins... hot, freshwater showers, none of this saltwater business... while the rest of us scrimp and save up our water rations for a shower every four days! Outrage!  Anyhow, the past few days have been very smooth sailing. Plenty of time to sit around, read, eat fine French brie, sing along to. read more...


Sumatra - Log Day 13: Triumph!

We have covered 200 milesover the past 24 hours - a first for Sumatra and cause for celebration! It's aspecial day as we also find ourselves with less than 500 miles to go - drawingever closer to our sunny destination. If we continue at our current speeds,we should arrive in St Lucia sometime on Wednesday, hopefully beforedark... Time will tell. We'll be sure to keep you posted!   - Maddy from SYSumatra. read more...


Sumatra - Log Day 12: Highs, Lows and Happy Birthday

It's been an eventful few days. After gloating atthe prospect of roast pork on Wednesday night, the wind picked up, the seas wentwild and before we knew it we were heeled up and hammering forth with all thehatches battened down to protect against rogue waves. It was horrible down belowdecks; hot, humid and sticky, with sail bags all over the floor and salt-crustedpillows that stick to your face every time you try to turn over. Eugh. This allseemed quite luxurious however when it came time to stand watch. We foundourselves huddled into the corner of the cockpit under a flimsy hood, withdriving rain hammering down overhead, howling wind making the sails buffet andgroan, and water roaring by the stern as the boat rocketed on into theblackness... Thank god for auto pilot! We managed to keep. read more...


Sumatra - Log Day 9: Heading North for Dinner

If you have been following our progress on Yellow Brick Tracker you may have noticed a slight turn to the right every evening between 6-8pm in our strange world of boat time (which we keep resetting every few days to avoid becoming jet lagged on arrival to St Lucia - a bizarre concept when there have most definitely been no jets involved in our journey, but it's possible). We call this heading north to dinner and it happens when whoever is in the galley cooking - usually me or Andrew - yells out in frustration to whoever is on the helm - usually Josh - to please keep the bloody boat steady. With the language varying in colour depending on the severity of the rocking. So we veer off track and away from the wind all in the interests of keeping cook alive and happy. It's no mean feat. read more...

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