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Owner Pawel Motawa
Design Strawinski one-off
Length Overall 15 m 8 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

Steel, one off, expedition yacht, fully equipped for long voyages to remote regions.
Designed by famous Polish designer Juliusz Strawinski

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Malaika - Log Day 8

Monday, 28.11.20011, 19.30 UTCNot so many changes in our sea life.Watch after watch, cooking, books,tacking downwind.Still not enough wind to sail at least 9-10 kts.Checking rigging and boat stuff twice a day, everything ok.Sometimes at horizon we see lights at the night, or sails at the day.Today nothing around. At the deck each morning we have few flying fishes. Pawel. read more...


Malaika - Log Day 5

Friday 25.11.2011, 19.30 UTC, SV MalaikaNice light show at the sunrise, then a bit cloudy, and not so much wind, but finally good COG at 260. All sails on - and that's not new.Fancy dinner for two - thank you quiet sea state :) Aggi's daddy sits at home with computers and send us a lot of briefing, sail this way, don't sail that course. So good router we have :)Slowly preparing for night watch. Later as usual sat phone time to connect with friends in the Fleet. Pawel. read more...


Malaika - Log Day 4

Thursday 24.11.2011, 22.07 UTC, SV MalalaikaAll day discussing which way to go further.Winds we have are not ideally corresponding with meteo we got.Friends at home calling us to tell what is going there, we got grib files to discuss, routine on board. All sails up. Nice speed. Soon airing time with friends at the Fleet. Dinner nice soup with fesh vegs. Desserts:)Pawel. read more...


Malaika - log 1

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