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Arrayan 2
Owner Marc Yreux
Design Gilles Vaton
Length Overall 23 m 78 cm
Flag France
Sail Number FRA9009

Sailed Classic Malt cruise 2009 - ARC 2014 - ARC 2020

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Arrayan 2 - no wind: no sail

Today was a bit strange : no sun for all day and wind coming from south.Then a few squalls with little wind in it.Then the little wind shift interestingly to the west.And then, no wind at all !Tired to listen to sails suffering with flogging, we put all sails down. In the middle of the Atlantic!Now with nobody at the helm we are moving at 1.5 knots, heading 300, stableWhat a beautiful day for the irish se., sorry for the west indies.Hoping to see some wind coming sometimeBest wishes from all crew of ARRAYAN 2Marc YREUX. read more...


Arrayan 2 - Tuesday Nov. 25th 20:30 UTC - ‘This year some records will be broken!’

This year’s preparations for the crossing have been particularly interesting on board of Arrayan 2. When sailing south end of September, we had the ‘honour’ of saving a man out of the water and shortly after encountered engine problems. These turned out to be so severe that the engine had to be totally dismounted; during which it was unclear if all could be taken care of before the start of the race. While all crew flew home and continued their normal lives the Volvo engineers went all the way and dealt with it in an extremely professional and diligent manner, for which we are extremely thankful! After returning, all that had to be done were some test runs. The boat was taken out of the water for some final checks and we were good to go!A local in the harbour told us that on average they. read more...


Arrayan 2 - 1st day at sea

This has been a marvellous moment! All those sails and Gran Canaria island in the background was something we will all remember!We foundthe acceleration zone around the airport as forecast by Chris but we hit the no wind zone south of Gran Canaria, where everybody knows you should avoid, but of course we found ourselves there !This was a very frustating time and we were obliged to roll away the genoa to avoid too much flogging. Eventually a SW wind helped us to get out of the trap!All in all, a marvellous day!M. Yreux. read more...


Arrayan 2 - ARRAYAN 2 Lorient-Las Palmas

September 21 to september 30 with one day stop in A Corugna. Staying into the wind …. read more...

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