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Owner Lane Jacobs
Design Bristol 57
Length Overall 17 m 37 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Corsair - A friend wrote this to me

I thought this might be worth publishing Tribute to Lane.Upon a small sailboat, afloat for days, thirty in count,Beneath the sun's golden gaze and the moon's silver mount,In the vast sea's embrace, where dreams and waves interlace,Here, I journey, I chase, in this endless water-space.With compass and chart, I hone navigation's fine art,Under stars so apart, I learn the ocean's heart.Fishing rod in hand, I seek the bounty of the land,In this expanse so grand, life's simpler demands stand.Pages turn, stories unfold, in books both new and old,Tales of brave, tales of bold, in the sea's untold cold.Ink flows, words spread, on paper, my journey's thread,A diary of where I've tread, by the winds gently led.Through the lens, moments caught, in the sea's wide, wide thought,Memories, dearly. read more...

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