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Owner Markus Bocks
Design Swan 48 (S&S)
Length Overall 14 m 70 cm
Flag Germany
Sail Number GER7847

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Montana - Blog 1

On the road again bei der ARC 2021. Es fühlt sich gut an wieder mit der ARC auf den Wege zu sein in die Karibik. Als offizielles erstes Schiff über die Linie kann man sich über den Start nicht beschweren. Allerdings ging die Genua etwas zu spät raus, so wurden wir gleich danach von den ersten Überholt. Die ersten Meilen waren sehr ungewöhnlich. Eine Startkreuz hat man nicht immer bei der ARC und auch die Standard Düse am Flughafen fiel dieses mal aus. Die ersten Tage waren geprägt von „Suche nach dem Wind“. Immer wieder langsame Segelphasen wechselten sich ab mit Motor Phasen. Was nicht wirklich Freude aufkommen lies. Hier sind Schummeleien bei der Angabe der Motorstunden wieder Tür und Tor geöffnet. Wir versuchten möglichst viel zu segeln, so war es nicht verwunderlich dass wir bald im. read more...


Montana - Blog 3

Last night we had the biggest squall ever. It last for several hours, heavy rain, no sight, lots of lightning and thunder. When the rain stopped and we thought it’s over, the wind picked up to 30Kn. We had to bind in the 2. Reef in the main during the night.Today arrived sunshine and good conditions, but still variable. The work is going on.--. read more...


Montana - Blog 2

Neptun is still with us, but he makes it a little bit challenging. Always the question if we go with ordinary setup with main and Genoa or twin head sails poled out. That keeps us busy. Wind is still variable in direction and strength. Today we tried the first time the Spinaker and it’s running well.. read more...


Montana - Blog Montana

A very special year, just like 10 or 15 years ago. Just 57 boats in the ARC. It’s family style. But nevertheless everything is different. Because of Corona gathering with just 10 people is allowed and we have to wear masks. No Sundowner’s, no Parties. Seminars are held over Zoom, watched on a iPad and board speakers. The German fleet is small just 3 boats + Manfred with Albatros. Weather looks good for the start, with trade winds right away. But on the Start day it’s very light and on the nose. We doing good at the start and after 10 min. We are third in our start groups. But then most of the boats start the engine to find the wind behind Gran Canaria. We doing it too late and have to trail the pack. The old and wise guy’s turn to the west right after Gran Canaria. We go a bit more. read more...


Montana - LOG 7

Day 18, what a last day, what a last night at the ocean? The day began good, we recorded our best Etmal in the Regatta with 188NM, 185NM to destination. We closed the gap to Finoor S to 5 miles. But with the lighter winds in the morning they were doing better and put some miles on us. We had to do something and the spinnaker went out, giving us the advantage. After a while the pendulum swung back, we encountered a rip in the spinnaker and the sail went down again. And again the pendulum came back to us. We faced the biggest squall on the trip, up to 35Kn of wind, heavy rain and totally dark. Thanks god the kite was down and under trade wind set up we were flying over the rainy sea. In the night it was all on the helmsman steering the boat dead down wind in a light breeze. Unfortunately. read more...

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