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WX Bermuda to USA

WX Bermuda to USA18 May 2017Good Morning.Prepared: May 18, 09:33zHigh near 33N/60W with ridging W to South Carolina will persist thru 20th. A trough of low pressure extends from Jamaica NE to central Bahamas. Will move W to NW Caribbean thru 20th, with no tropical development expected. A front will move offshore the Mid-Atlantic on 19th, and weaken moving S, extending from SE Virginia ENE to 37N/60W on 20th.Zone C: Conditions will remain favorable during next 48 hours. Gentle/moderate NE'ly breezes will continue with light seas. Squall risk low.Zone D: Conditions will remain semi-favorable thru out Zone D during next 48 hours. The moderate SW'ly breezes will continue with swells gradually increasing by 1-3ft. Squall risk minimal.ZONE C:18/12 (T + 0): NE-E 05-10KTS. SEAS 1-3 SWLLS N-NE. read more...


Wx Bermuda to USA 05/17/17

Wx Bermuda to USA05/17/17p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 16.0px Courier; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 16.0px Courier; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 19.0px} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}Good Morning.Prepared: May 17 09:23zHigh centered just W of Bermuda extends a ridge W thru Carolina /S Chesapeake Bay. Ridging will persist thru 19th as High center drifts E past Bermuda. Low centered near Lake Ontario on 19th/am will move ENE to E of Newfoundland thru 20th, strengthens. Will extend a cold front SW from Gulf of Maine thru N Virginia on 19th/PM and move offshore of Hatteras thru 20th. A new High will be centered over Maine on 21st and will extend a ridge S to along the Carolinas.Zone C: Winds will be light and variable. read more...


Wx BVI to Fort Lauderdale 11/05/2017

Good Morning.May 11 09:50zHigh located over S Florida with associated ridging extending SE across E Caribbean is expected to persist thru 13th, gradually weakening and moving little SE.Conclusion:Zone OBC: Conditions will be favorable for transit throughout  Zone OBC during next 48 hours. Gentle to moderate E trade winds are expected and minimal squall risk. Localized funneling may result in higher winds than forecast inside of Windward Passage.Zone Gulf: Conditions will be favorable . Gentle to moderate E trade winds will veer to SE breezes as the ridging continues to move SE. Squall risk is minimal.T- GMT/UTCZONE OBC:11/12 (T + 0): NE-E(45 - 90)  08-13KTS. SEAS  NE-E  1-3FT  (2SEC). CLEAR. CRRNTS ESE @ 0.3KTS.12/00 (T + 12): NE-E(45 - 90)  09-14KTS.. read more...


Wx BVI to Bermuda 11/05/2017

Good Morning. Please ignore previous email and use this forecast.Prepared: May 11 09:57z A broad ridge HIGH PRESSURE from the Florida / N Bahamas E to 65W will move little and weaken thru 12th, then drift E on 13th.Large complex LOW extends from S Canadian Maritimes S to 30N. Will move slowly NE strengthening gradually thru 13th. Associated front extends from Low SW to/across Bermuda and then W near 32N to N Carolina Coast.New Low will develop today along the front just E of N Carolina and will strengthen / move E to near/just W of Bermuda by tomorrow morning, then weakening as it continues E thru tomorrow. The front will move SE across Bermuda thru midday tomorrow, then continuing SE thru am/13th. At that time, the front will extend from near 28N/63W NW to a new developing low near. read more...


Wx BVI to Fort Lauderdale 10/05/2017

Good Morning.Prepared: May 10 09:18zSynopsis: High over S  Florida with associated ridging extending SE across E Caribbean will persist thru  12th, gradually weakening.Zone OBC & Gulf Conditions will remain favorable over next 48 hrs due to high pressure ridging continuing during this time. The gentle NE breezes will freshen into moderate NE breezes by this evening with the strongest wind inside the straits and Windward Passage due to localized funneling of winds. Squall risk minimal.T=GMT/UTCZONE OBC:10/12 (T + 0): NE-E  10-15KTS. SEAS  NE-E  1-3FT  (2SEC).  SKIES PARTLY CLDY. ISLTD SHWRS. CRRNTS SE @ 0.5KTS.11/00 (T + 12): NE-E  13-18KTS. SEAS  NE-E  1-3FT  (2SEC).  CLEAR. CRRNTS SE @ 0.4KTS.11/12 (T + 24): NE-E . read more...


Wx BVI to Bermuda 10/05/2017

Good Morning.Prepared: May 10 10:10z A COLD FRONT extends SW across the E BVI's from large GALE SE of Nova Scotia, which is expected to move E slowly thru 11th. A broad HIGH PRESSURE system will be located over S Florida with associated ridging extending E across the E portions of  E Caribbean which is expected to persist thru evening of 13th, moving SE / strengthening. Low near 38N/70W with a cold front SW to N South Carolina will track NE, strengthening to gale S of Nova Scotia on 12th. The cold front will track SE thru Bermuda tomorrow afternoon. Another low will develop along the cold front near 31N/65W by afternoon 12th and continue E that evening.Conclusion: Light NW breezes in Zone B will gradually freshen N of 27N tonight thru 12th. Highest winds will be confined to the N. read more...


Wx BVI to Bermuda 09/05/2017

Good Morning.Prepared: May 09 10:02zSynop: Front extends from 35N/60W SW to E of Bermuda to near Turks/Caicos. Will weaken as it drifts E-SE and by tomorrow morning will stall near 32N/55W SW to near Mona Pass then dissipate tomorrow.A second front extends from a developing low NE of Bermuda near 38N/62W SW to near 34N/70W and then W-NW to North Carolina coast. Front will move little thru tonight as another low develops along the front that will be located near 37N/68W by tomorrow morning. The low will strengthen as it moves E-NE, passing to North of Bermuda. This will push the front SE so that by late 10th front will be located over/near Bermuda W along/near 32N.Conclusion: A pair of fronts will affect Zones B and C over the next couple of days. The first is the same front that has been. read more...


Wx BVI to Fort Lauderdale 09/05/2017

Good Morning.Prepared: May 09 09:39zSynop: High over N Florida will move SE and broaden thru 11th across N Bahamas / E Caribbean. Large gale is located over NE Ontario with cold front extending SW across E New York which will move ESE and develop multiple complex centers SE of Nova Scotia overnight into 10th. Gale will strengthen gradually near 40N/60W with associated cold front extending SW across N Florida thru 12th.Conclusion:Zone D: E trades will slightly freshen this morning thru tomorrow evening as ridging shifts E. The squall threat is greater in the S half of the grid near Hispaniola. Swells will remain 2-4ft on average with the lower swells being in the more protected waters near land and the highest swells being in the more off shore and exposed waters in the NE section of Zone. read more...


Wx BVI to Fort Lauderdale 08/05/2017

Good Morning.FX Prepared May 08 09:47zSynop: Cold front over Turks/Caicos / E Cuba remains stationary thru 10th. Numerous showers/squalls will track NE ahead of cold front from Central Caribbean Sea to S Bahamas and Hispaniola thru the morning of 10th. High pressure over E Gulf of Mexico with a ridge over Florida and N Bahamas will move over N Bahamas on morning of 10th / remain stationary thru 11th.Zone D: E-NE winds will freshen during daytime tomorrow across Zone D, with a more E-SE wind closer to N coast of Hispaniola over next few days. Highest winds will be just offshore of Hispaniola over the next days. Swells will primarily be found to SW of the passes thru S Turks/Caicos.Zone OBC: E-NE winds will freshen thru tomorrow, gusting to near gale by tomorrow night. Highest winds will. read more...


Wx BVI to Bermuda 08/05/2017

Good Morning.FX Prepared May 08 10:04z Cold front extends from Bermuda SW to near Turks/Caicos will continue to weaken as it drifts E-SE. By morning of 10th, will extend frm 29N/60W S-SW to Mona Pass.Low pressure is expected to develop along a front to N of Bermuda tonight. Will push the front S slightly. By tomorrow evening will stall just N of Bermuda W to N Carolina. Will move little thru the 10th. Another low will develop along the front just N of Bermuda late on 10th.Conclusion: A front currently bisects Zone C with enhanced S-SW winds on E side of it and more modest NW winds on W side. This front will drift E-SE across the remainder of Zone C thru midday tomorrow. It will begin to cross Zone B tonight before stalling across the center of zone by morning of 10th. Only the far NW. read more...


Wx BVI to Bermuda 06/05/2017

Wx BVI to Bermuda Prepared: May 06 10:26z FM: Weather Routing Inc. (WRI)Synopsis: Good morning. This forecast is for ARC Europe and ARC USA Leg 1A, BVI to Bermuda.A ridge of high pressure extending from 30N/55W SW'ward to Puerto Rico will slowly shift NE'ward through the 08th.A cold front extends from east of Cape Hatteras S-SW'ward through the Central Bahamas and W'rn Cuba will weaken as it moves E'ward to extend from Bermuda to the S'rn Bahamas and SW'ward through E'rn Cuba by evening of the 08th.Conclusion: Trade winds across Zone A will tend to slowly weaken over the next couple of days as the ridging here weakens. Winds will generally tend highest along/near the N'rn coast of Puerto Rico, in particular during the late afternoon/evening.Zone B will experience stronger S-SE winds. read more...