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Wx Bermuda to USA 05/17/17

Wx Bermuda to USA

Good Morning.

Prepared: May 17 09:23z

High centered just W of Bermuda extends a ridge W thru Carolina /S Chesapeake Bay. Ridging will persist thru 19th as High center drifts E past Bermuda. Low centered near Lake Ontario on 19th/am will move ENE to E of Newfoundland thru 20th, strengthens. Will extend a cold front SW from Gulf of Maine thru N Virginia on 19th/PM and move offshore of Hatteras thru 20th. A new High will be centered over Maine on 21st and will extend a ridge S to along the Carolinas.

Zone C: Winds will be light and variable from Bermuda WNW today thru overnight tonight. L & V winds will then move N of Bermuda thru the daytime tomorrow.

Zone F: For central and S'rn Zone F. Winds will be L & V across far S'rn Zone F into this evening. SW'ly winds will freshen across N'rn Zone F tomorrow, with winds around 18-23kts, gusting to 27kts, and SWLLS of 5-7ft.

T =Time GMT


17/12 (T + 0): NNE-ENE 07-12KTS. SEAS 1-3 SWLLS WNW-NNW 3-6FT  (6SEC).  CLEAR. CRRNTS NNE @ 0.4KTS.

18/00 (T + 12): NE-E 06-11KTS. SEAS 1-3 SWLLS NW-N 2-4FT (5SEC).  CLEAR. CRRNTS SE @ 0.7KTS.

18/12 (T + 24): NE-E 05-10KTS. SEAS 1-3 SWLLS N-NE 2-4FT (4SEC).  CLEAR. CRRNTS E @ 0.1KTS.

19/00 (T + 36): E-SE 07-12KTS. SEAS 1-3 SWLLS NNE-ENE 2-4FT (5SEC).  CLEAR. CRRNTS SSE @ 0.7KTS.


17/12 (T + 0): W-NW 05-10KTS. SEAS 1-3 SWLLS NW-N 2-4FT (3SEC).  CLEAR. CRRNTS S @ 1.2KTS.

18/00 (T + 12): SSW-SSE 08-13KTS. SEAS 2-4 SWLLS NW-W 2-4FT (3SEC).  PARTLY CLDY. CRRNTS SW @ 0.8KTS.

18/12 (T + 24): S-SW 10-15KTS. SEAS 2-4 SWLLS SW-W 2-5FT (4SEC).  PARTLY CLDY. CRRNTS WSW @ 1.7KTS.

19/00 (T + 36): SSW-WSW 09-14KTS. SEAS 2-4 SWLLS SW-W 2-5FT (4SEC).  CLEAR. CRRNTS SW @ 1.2KTS.


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