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ARC Films from the 13/03/2024

The talented team at YouTube channel have released their films from ARC 2023, featuring Gran Canaria, Saint Lucia and a whole host of lovely ARC sailors and yellow shirt team.Federico Maselli and cameraman Nicolo Roccatagliata were guests of World Cruising Club and the tourist authorities of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas and Saint Lucia, spending time on the docks with our participants and out exploring the beautiful islands.Can you see yourself?Part 1 - Gran Canaria  Part 2 - Saint Lucia... Click here for more info..

Best of the blogs. 15/12/2023

Ship’s logs have been written for centuries, providing records and accounts of sailor’s lives and experiences at sea.They are in fact a... Click here for more info..

Ikigai - A Reason for Being. 03/12/2023

By Saturday 2nd December almost half of the ARC+ family boats had now completed their big transatlantic adventure in Grenada. After 14 days... Click here for more info..

Your Guide to the 2024 Caribbean Regatta Season. 11/12/2023

The Caribbean, with its crystal-clear azure waters and reliable trade winds, plays host to a series of sailing regattas each year. Whether... Click here for more info..

The cruisers that didn't mean to race.... 03/12/2023

ARC+ is a rally, not a race, however, some boats just can't help themselves...Having taken line honours in leg one, from Las Palma to Cape... Click here for more info..

Welcome to Grenada! Mongoose is first multihull, first family boat and second to finish. 29/11/2023

Chris and Erica Murray’s Marsaudon ORC50, launched in July 2023, crossed the finish line off Quarantine Point, Grenada, on Wednesday 29... Click here for more info..

Fleet update as finishing line approaches!. 27/11/2023

With the ARC Plus fleet leaders expected to arrive in Grenada in the next 48 hours, and the ARC fleet leaders nearing the halfway point lets... Click here for more info..

The ARC Forest continues to grow.... 05/11/2023

For many years, ARC crews have been volunteering to plant trees in the hills above Las Palmas. This isn’t just an excuse to enjoy the... Click here for more info..

Let us Dance our Lives Across the Ocean. 02/11/2023

Christian Lotthé is the oldest sailor and skipper in the ARC+ 2023 fleet, a fit and youthful 88 years old. He is navigating his Beneteau... Click here for more info..

Meet the Yellow Shirts!. 27/10/2023

The World Cruising Club team on events are known as ‘Yellow Shirts’, for obvious reasons! Yellow Shirts deliver all elements of the rally,... Click here for more info..

SeaLabs Phase 1 completed - now steering into launching a new gen kit for ARC 2023. 19/04/2023

The Spanish environmental group Ambiente Europeo equipped 15 sailboats with mobile test kits – SeaLabs - in November during ARC 2022 for... Click here for more info..

Boot is Back!. 12/01/2023

Europe's largest boat show, Boot Düsseldorf, is back in action again and World Cruising Club will be there to welcome ARC sailors, both old... Click here for more info..

Grenada – in a nutshell. 07/12/2022

With all the ARC+ boats now safely in port (apart from those who departed Mindelo late), many of the crews have been taking time out to... Click here for more info..

ARC Plus tales from the crossing. 02/12/2022

Over 60 boats have now arrived in Camper & Nicholsons Port Louis Marina and the atmosphere is joyous and vibrant as delighted crews... Click here for more info..

Ed’s ARC+ Diary across the Atlantic . 07/12/2019

Ed the Iguana is probably one of the most experienced sailors in the ARC+ fleet. At sunrise on the morning of Friday 6 December he arrived... Click here for more info..

Destination Focus: What's in store in St. Vincent?. 03/12/2019

For some sailors the site of land is not the best part of an ocean crossing, but for many who are on their first crossing it’s one of relief... Click here for more info..

Crossing the line – Saint Lucia welcomes Sea Child after a ten year circumnavigation. 08/12/2018

Almost ten years to the day, since they sailed out of Rodney Bay, Eric and Tamara Barto of Sea Child have crossed their original starting... Click here for more info..

School for thought – ARC children (and their parents) have their say. 14/11/2018

When walking around the docks in Las Palmas it’s great to see children of all ages and nationalities (16 this year) playing together and... Click here for more info..

Saint Lucia: Well worth crossing an ocean for!. 13/12/2017

Sighting land after several weeks at sea is a special moment for ARC sailors, “St Lucia looms large now, rolling hills of velvet dotted with... Click here for more info..

Witnessing ARC’s Impact on Saint Lucia. 14/12/2014

With over 230 yachts descending on Saint Lucia each year in December, it’s easy to imagine the impact that all those participants have on... Click here for more info..