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Sapphire II of London
Owner Simon Phillips
Design Discovery 67
Length Overall 20 m 79 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 6705L

Discovery 67

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Sapphire II of London - Arrival at Galapagos

We safely arrived at the Galapagos and anchored in the dark. The last 24 hours have been amazing - boobies fighting for a space to sit at our bow, Manta rays in the water and a pod of pilot whales in the water right next to the boat. This morning we woke to sea lions on our neighbour's boat (we have defended our stern with fenders to prevent a similar invasion as they are particularly smelly) and a school of 3 whales which swam under the boat and Charlie was convinced were orcas. We've successfully passed a rigorous inspection by 8 inspectors and are now off to terra firma.. read more...


Sapphire II of London - Nearing the Equator and the Galapagos

We had one day in the doldrums with no wind at all but the wind has now picked up beautifully and we are making good speed to both the Equator and the Galapagos. We have some resident boobies who join us at night and sit on the front of the boat who we have named Rose and Jack. We've seen dolphins and pilot whales. Despite our best efforts e have yet to catch a fish.We have to eat all our fresh food before the Galapagos so lovely ham and salad for lunch and stir fry prawns for dinner.. read more...


Sapphire II of London - Day 1 to the Galapagos

Having successfully crossed the Panama Canal we spent a couple of days in Panama City end enjoyed the most amazing food tour, taking us deep into parts of Panama City which were well off the tourist trail. We then spent 2 nights at Las Perlas Islands - calm and peaceful with beautiful beaches. Emily and Helen went exploring and found golf carts to drive around the whole island (all 1.4 miles of it) and find a stunning deserted beach.Yesterday weset off to the Galapagos - approximately 900 miles. We had a beautiful start, managed to get our asymmetric up and down with no problems and had a kind calm sea until about 8 pm when both the wind and the sea decided to pick up. We had a bumpy night -but now back to lighter winds and a peaceful sea.. read more...


Sapphire II of London - Panama Canal Day!

The sun is shining, today's the day to cross the canal! We arrived in Shelter Bay Marina on Friday and were kindly greeted by our new crew member Charlie. There is not much to do here but we made the most of it! Pool party on the first day, a few boat admin days (yay!) and a Birthday! For Shelly's birthday, we made a shrine with bubbles, brownies and chocolate and went to visit a nearby fort. We also went to an observation deck to see the new locks which are mostly for big container ships. Our timeslot through the canal has been delayed a day due to some unforeseen circumstances. So today is our day!! (hopefully) Yesterday we went on a tour to a village with Emberra tribe residents - on the way we had a near death experience involving a bus driver who was confused about our drop off. read more...


Sapphire II of London - PANAMA CANAL TRANSIT

We are scheduled to go through the Panama Canal Atlantic locks on Tuesday pm - so if you want to view our progress please look at the below link to view real time Sapphire going through.IMG_9984. read more...

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