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Owner Dottie & Will Clower
Design Hylas 46
Length Overall 14 m 10 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Amari - Day 15 One More Day

“You sailed across the Atlantic Ocean! Holy cow what an accomplishment, how did you even do that?”My friend Lisa heard this question many times after they completed the ARC Europe passage. I’ve heard versions of that as well. I think about the beginning, when we started with bareboat chartering, and we would be out for 7 to 10 days at a time. All day time sailing, within sight of land, and stores, and a bar for when you get nicely tucked away at anchor.When we thought about open ocean sailing and passagemaking, it seemed overwhelming, even scary. But when dreams are big, they pull you forward. We did our first overnight sail heading to Corsica from Sardinia. We had watches and did all the things you’re supposed to do for a passage. Then when we got our own boat, we needed to bring her. read more...


Amari - Day 14 We Were Normal Once

We’ll be back on land in two days, with cars and malls and all the normal stuff that normal people have and do everyday. We were normal once. Had the house, the car, and the garden in a few different cities like Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Raleigh. Of all the things about “normal”, I miss the plants and herbs the most. We had the most amazing sage plant, woody and robust with leaves just begging to go into your baked chicken. At the risk of sounding like a Paul Simon song, yes, we had “parsley sage rosemary and thyme” to go with our tomatoes and basil that grew so huge in the summer we swore it was some kind of mutant plant from Little Shop of Horrors.So when we strolled through the Carrefour in Cartagena, Spain and Dottie saw potting soil, it was like someone had cast a spell. read more...


Amari - Day13 Swishy Butt

With just three days and just over 400 miles to go, we are all achatter about the things we want to do as soon as we get there.For me, I’m psyched about getting into wifi range because there are some things I really need to do for work that require, I don’t know, the internet?While at sea I can still be productive as long as I prepare in advance. Before heading off, like stocking your freezer with things you’ll prepare through the passage, I line up tasks that I can do off line. And before you think, your boss is a real jerk for making you do this, what a slave driver you must work for, what a total crap company, well it’s my company and I’m the boss. We started it 16 years ago and have grown it by being scrappy, doing what we can with what we have to survive and thrive. I have employees. read more...


Amari - Day12 On Autopilot

Captain Jack Sparrow drove the Black Pearl into what the special effects department seemed to indicate was a 50 knot gale with thunderstorms. His first mate implored him to take it easier on the boat. But Sparrow, being the star of this picture, was not deterred as the first mate hollered over the howl of the storm, “what’s putcha in such a fine mood this evening Cap'm?”Camera flashes to Jack, cue the lightning to silhouette of him hand steering the Pearl through the night in that gale, hat inexplicably still on his head, when he replies, “We’re gaining on them!”Aaaaand Scene. Back on Earth, I know that sailors used to hand steer all the time, and I guess they had to. But doing that for hours at a time is a killer. We lost our autopilot on Amari on a shakedown cruise from North Carolina. read more...


Amari - Day 11 Pic 1 of 2

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