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Owner Dottie & Will Clower
Design Hylas 46
Length Overall 14 m 10 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Amari - Half way calm

Okay, we gave up on the tepid, sad, limping wind blowing in at 12kts this morning, as it ebbed like a deflating balloon, and turned on our engines. Since that time, our wind reduced to zero and now is 3kts gusting to 4. But it was a good day. We put up the whisker pole in our first successful deployment of the thing, without knocking anyone overboard even one time! (So proud)I caught a fish that snapped my line. The great thing about this fish was that I never saw it breach the water, leaving me free to speculate on how enormous he was. Marco on Duale, it was a monster!!Then there came a spitty little drizzle before the clouds parted, the angels sang, and we celebrated the renewed sunshine by quickly peeling off the foulies. At this point in the rally, I think there are 4 of us bringing. read more...


Amari - Getting Ready

We are so excited to get going tomorrow! The evening meal last night with the fleet was relaxed, fun, and so welcoming.  In fact, one of the things we are most excited about for this trip, beyond the sailing and beautiful locales, is the people. We were talking with Josh from Mad Monkey, who described the other members of the fleet as “the family you choose”. Well said, and we are very excited to get to know this sailing family.  Will and Dottie, on Amari. read more...

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