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Owner Malcolm Goater
Design Jeanneau 64
Length Overall 20 m 10 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Layla - We made it - final blog entry

It has taken a few days for me to get around to writing the final blog entry for our amazing trip. I guess partly because it seals the lid on a great experience and that feels somewhat final. On the other hand it is partly because we have all been busy since arriving with a mixture of cleaning, partying, hiking, laying on the beach and putting Layla back to her normal pristine self. (Amongst many things swapping all the kitchenware from plastic back to china and emptying out any of the excess provisions).The last couple of sailing days were accomplished with mixed emotions - by then we had been at sea for about 16 days with our short turnaround in Mindelo and whilst we were still enjoying it most of us were ready to reach land. So it was heads down with our best sail plan trying to reach. read more...


Layla - Downwind all the way now…

Winds have improved for us today and we ran with polled out Genoa and Jib polled out on the boom for much of the day, this configurations works well for Layla between a narrow range of wind speeds and we had a chilled out day with most people taking the chance to catch up on some zzzz’s. Today a cruise liner overtook us but apart from that we have not seen much around us these last days. In the water we have been seeing sea weed for about a day signalling that we are getting close to land. We had a visit from 4 dolphins who played around under the stern for about an hour – what amazing creatures they are. The rods were chirping quite a few times today but each time the fish was lost and for H the line ran out so fast that he was in danger of running out on the reel.So we have 360 nM left. read more...


Layla - Its December 1st 1/12/19

Given the temperature it feels really strange that December has arrived, we managed to find a Xmas song in the play list today but also realised we have lost all of our Spotify tunes :-) Yes it is over 30 days since I downloaded them and due to the short turn around in Mindelo I was unable to connect the phone to Wi-Fi. We stil have few tunes on other devices and it stirred a debate on downloads v's CD's (at least we were not debating cassettes!) For todays blog I thought I would share it via photo comments... please have a look at the ones I am about to upload.Layla Out.. read more...


Layla - Half Way Thoughts

Half Way Thoughts….We made it to half way yesterday 28th November 10:02 UTC – had a cup of tea to celebrate and made sure the fizz was in the fridge for dinner time (our only alcoholic drink until St Lucia)After a great start we have struggled a bit the last two days with wind strength, direction, sail plans and headings. Unable to launch the Gennaker because it was not furled correctly we lost some timehoisting, unfurling re-furling and stowing. This morning the big sail went up for the first time and we have been rewarded with 8kt speeds :-) Currently we are pointing at Rodney Bay and making good progress. Getting this far has not been without its challenges…. Our Raymarine Pilot has stopped working unannounced three times which is not ideal! Much troubleshooting and reading of logs,. read more...


Layla - Fishing for Complements :-)

Last night we had settled in for dinner and half way through our meal the Raymarine had another blip which resulted in much activity and us finishing our dinner’s cold! For the rest of the night we set our sails conservatively and overall this led to our slowest days at sea since leaving Las Palmas. The upside is that we had plenty of time to relax and catch up on books and sleep. The afternoon was punctuated with the excitement of the first catch of the trip. “H” has the bragging rights finally landing one after having caught and lost on previous days. This achievement is all the more sweet for him since let’s say his rod and reel are on the “budget end” of those on board!! We have just set the sails for the night after gybing south and as I am writing “the fish” is being cooked :-). read more...

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