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Owner Michael Pilar Von Pilchau
Design GibSea 126
Length Overall 13 m 20 cm
Flag Germany
Sail Number

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Wethomi - Windy days and Bermuda far away for Wethomi

Wind was forecast. And it came and waves with it. But more of both than expected. But with sails at towel size at least we were sailing in the right direction. Than the coldfront arrived. Thundershowers, heavy rain, wind force 7-8, gusts 9. Behind the front the wind turned to north. Thats where we want to go to. No chance to reach Bermuda with those strong winds and big waves on the nose. So for hours now we are sailing more or less in a 100 miles distance from Bermuda without approaching any further. We just hope that the wind will eventually go to sleep as predicted. Arrival Bermuda not before sunday.. read more...


Wethomi - Nightmare and paradise

A calm night. Wethomi moving constantly under motor. Lonely watch under the stars.Suddenly smell of electric fire. Smoke. "All men up!"Motor off. Electricity shut down. Look into the motor compartement: No fire! Uff!What happened? Took some time to find out that the main alternator cables had burned and disconnected. After a provisional repair of some hours we could continue into the beautiful morning.Later the wind came back. But from the wrong direction: directly onto the nose. So we tacked and had a wonderful sailing day with a nice breeze, little waves, sunny sky, delicious wahoo fish meals. Only our arrival in Bermuda will be much later now. Probably we will the last boat arriving. So what?What else happened?Sundowner with a red sun on one and a full moon on the other side, wahoo. read more...


Wethomi - Wahoo day on Wethomi

On the "road" again. After 5 month of cruising the caribbean islands we are now on the ocean once more. Back home to the mediterranean sea. After a nice start at Tortola where we crossed the starting line under parasailor we soon reached the open sea. It took us a while to get into the long range modus again. But once our Monitor windsteering had taken over the helm, the watergenerator was running, the fishing line was out and the sails were set we could lean back and enjoy the wide open ocean. Good reaching winds were pushing us fast to Bermuda. The waves were stressing our stomachs. The sky was beautiful.Two days of wonderful sailing were followed by "Jokel"-days. Jokel is our reliable diesel engine and as the wind went sleeping he took over.Yesterday it was so calm that we stopped the. read more...


Wethomi - 6. December 2016

We can smell the islands now, nearly. At least we see a lot of sea weed and it is hot and humid. But it took us quite long to reach our itinerary. And so the time is running out for my crew. Their flights back to Europe leave tonight from Barbados and so we decided to do a little stopover in Port St.Charles, Barbados. I will continue through the night on my old Wethomi to Rodney Bay not to miss the prize giving and final party!Sailing has been marvellous during the last days. Wished we had it a little bit earlier. We all are a little bit sad that it is over now. It has been a wonderful time in our nutshell on the huge ocean under a big sky.Not much happened. No more fish but good Canary wine.100 NM to St. Lucia. read more...


Wethomi - 5. December 2016

It's getting warm and humid: we are approaching the Caribbean. Nice gentle breezes; only a little too faible. But it's perfect sailing.Again and again the fish take away our lures. And these lures aren't for small fish. Maybe we are lucky that we haven't to get them on board our small vessel.Most competitors are already in the harbour and enjoying their rhum punch. So we opened a bottle of good La Palma wine and enjoyed the beautiful sunset alone out here on the wide ocean.Nothing else happened.260 NM to St. Lucia. read more...

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