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Falcon Spirit
Owner Jeremy Snyder
Design Bestevaer 56ST
Length Overall 17 m 7 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

KM Bestevaer 56st launched in 2007. highly capable global cruiser. hydraulic keel, carbon rig, park avenue boom, 2 autopilots, spare rudder etc

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Falcon Spirit - Day 14 falcon spirit sea chantey update

Arielle’s sea chantey chronology of our first 2 weeks at sea. ——————————-Pytka’s Pirate Song Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate’s Life for meUpon leaving the dock, the womper blewWind and waves and chaos ensuedHowling Gails for two days straightSeasick as dogs we all became Submerged below, on your throne you sit Poseidon oh great one, please make this quick…Yo ho Yo ho A pirate’s life for me…Miles away from sight of land Into the Doldrums quite soon we land No way to make power Engine problems at handLeft with no way to reach the sand 8 hours a day on watch we stay8 hours a day we rest and play Yo ho Yo hoA pirate’s life for me…We chase the storm to win the raceMoving along at a steady pace Up and down and round we go Waves crashing on deck, can’t sleep below One perilous day turns into. read more...


Falcon Spirit - Falcon Spirit Day 7 update

today we did our one week rig check. Bart went up the rig to inspect lines and sails. no chafe on the important stuff except a plastic cover on our port running back stay.  I did an extensive steering gear check, autopilot check and the crew has gotten the boat ship shape for some extra wind.  The euro model has us heading straight for the gale still but GFS and PW models are more conservative keeping us at or below the rhumb line. conditions are more favorable for our preferred reaching sail plan so we can earn back some miles. our 3rd reef is rigged so we can run jib staysail and 3rd reef and will furl the jib if conditions get beyond 35 knots. staysail alone is good to 60 but if those conditions materialize we should be well south of them. . read more...


Falcon Spirit - Falcon Spirit days 1-6 updates

We had an eventful start. at the recommendation of a rigger, we added a soft shackle to the bottom of our gennaker to save metal on metal wear on falcon spirits bow sprit. 1 hour prior to the start, our water stopped working completely. as the crew circled inside of the breakwater, i checked for clogs, checked the motor and discovered that our water filter housing had cracked somehow after closing off our bow tanks to isolate 2 of our four tanks to protect from contamination.working theory is some kind of vacuum or over pressure. New filter on and tanks opened, everything started working again 20 minutes prior to the start. Main up, gennaker up and ready to deploy, as we did, the soft shackle spun until breaking sending the sail 75 feet in the air. The crew jumped into gear and got the. read more...


Falcon Spirit - daily update

2-3 meter seas on our starboard quarter. gusts to 38. steady 26-30. surfing down waves  11-12.5 knots with our best 13.7 Currently we have a double reefed main and double reefed jib.  Spirited conditions to say the least for our first night as predicted.  Crew is happy and getting into the groove.  . read more...

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