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Falcon Spirit - Day 14 falcon spirit sea chantey update

Arielle’s sea chantey chronology of our first 2 weeks at sea.

Pytka’s Pirate Song

Yo Ho Yo Ho
A Pirate’s Life for me

Upon leaving the dock, the womper blew
Wind and waves and chaos ensued
Howling Gails for two days straight
Seasick as dogs we all became
Submerged below, on your throne you sit
Poseidon oh great one, please make this quick…

Yo ho Yo ho
A pirate’s life for me…

Miles away from sight of land
Into the Doldrums quite soon we land
No way to make power
Engine problems at hand
Left with no way to reach the sand
8 hours a day on watch we stay
8 hours a day we rest and play

Yo ho Yo ho
A pirate’s life for me…

We chase the storm to win the race
Moving along at a steady pace
Up and down and round we go
Waves crashing on deck, can’t sleep below
One perilous day turns into three
Poseidon, oh great one, please set us free

Yo Ho Yo Ho
A pirate’s life for me…

Heeled over so far, how long can this last
Wishing it all was a thing of the past
No end in sight, we brave the storm
All hands on deck, we are holding fast

Yo Ho Yo Ho
A pirate’s life for me…

We made it through, thrilled are the crew
Swim in the deep blue, made ourselves anew
Return to the calm, a most welcome place
After staring Poseidon, Right in the face

Yo Ho Yo Ho
A Pirate’s Life For me

En route to the islands, we persevere
Once more Our engine won’t go into gear
We fix it again, casting ´way our fears
So happy we are, could shed a tear
Poseidon Oh Great one, what happens next
Perhaps now, us pirates should all take bets…

Yo Ho Yo Ho
A pirates life for me…

Hoisting the sails, and feeding the sailors
Fond memories to come, for many years later
May this horizon forever be ours
Bruised but not broken. Thick skin, some scars…
How grateful we are for these ocean stars

Yo Ho yo Ho
A pirates Life for me

Stars shoot through the sky
QUICK, make a wish!
Soar over the surface, a flying fish!
With Wind in our Sails, We Will Prevail
Dolphins and Whales, a downfall of Hail
Having a ball, through squalls and all

The worst is behind us, at last we can rest
What lies ahead, only the best

Yo Ho Yo Ho
A pirates life for me…

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