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Maxim 46
Owner Johannes Duits
Design Lagoon 46
Length Overall 13 m 99 cm
Flag Malta
Sail Number

Lagoon 46

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Maxim 46 - Log Day 21 250NM

Sunday morning, another hour back in time and since NEIT left us with full speed when the wind picked up we were alone for 2 days. When all of the sudden 2 whales joined us and stayed around the boat for at least 30 minutes. Circles around the boat, under and coming up in the waves. Magnificent! We have seen many dolphins on this trip but this is so special! The fatigue kicked in a bit the last couple of days and this brought a smile back on our face. Lisa is entertaining us with dress up parties, rollplays with her imaginary friends and wrestle games. In return she gets some yoga and work out and free music sessions. The ukelele and guitar are used now and then, so we will keep practicing when we are in the Caribbean. The sea temperature is getting warmer and warmer now, almost 28. read more...


Maxim 46 - Log Day 18 Countdown

Since we crossed the “only 1000nm to go” mark the ambiance on board is festive.Reading some Lonely Planet books where to go to while on land and talking about a fresh juice and cold beer in one of the nice bars. Looking forward to the local cuisine and the carribean feeling. Meal wise on board we are blessed with our friend Alex as chef. No need to think about what to prepare and we are all feeling healthy! Still some lemons and oranges left for our daily vitamine C boost. Some real Dutch meals are served and the best “nasi with sate” is mandatory. Food is so important during this trip. If you have lack of sleep a nice warm soup is the best.We have made numerous photos and videos of this trip. Eventhough we haven’t spot much at sea besides dolphins, flying fish and now also some lost. read more...



After our emergency stop in Mindelo we had a couple of calm days. Only since yesterday we had the first (warm) rain and some changing weather. Wind, no wind, cloudy, partially blue skies. We calculated our fuel consumption again, and checked the weather forecast several times per day. Also we had some contact with the family at home. Always nice to read about the daily business and the gossip, brings nice conversations on the table. Being on land we all think Iridium is from another era but after some days without fast internet you are going to appreciate it more and more.Lisa is building dens, helps with preparing meals, and even learnt a new song together with Rien playing the guitar. Still 1400nm miles to go, but it is the positive approach that tells us we only have 10 days left. read more...


Maxim 46 - Log Day 7 Feeling the vibe

Waking up with dolphins, a coffee and fresh pancakes. What a way to start the day! When pulling the code 0 out the hatch got damaged by the sheet. Shoot, there goes our happy vibe. Luckily we could fix it and we had calm weather. Lesson learnt, check everything one more time. Lisa made us happy with some cupcakes, included toppings of your choice. We went through Lisas Science classes today and she read a lot. Super proud mom! Grabbag check, is eveerything inside what we want? The next day, I had a restless feeling when I woke up. Johan wanted to get the Parasailor out since the weather is changing. A moment later we found out the splices came loose completely. Fix immediately! Could have lost the sail eventually!After an hour, time to get it up again…. We had fish! Fighting with a big. read more...


Maxim 46 - Log Day 4 Life on board

This was a great day! Sunshine, slow breeze, everyone settled a bit on board. Alex was sick the first two days, even though he has many years experience on large vessels. This was a different motion. We took the Parasailor up for an hour. Everyone knows now how to trim, All the lines are prepared for an easy change between Code 0 and Parasailor. Even Lisa feels super comfortable on board and we picked up schoolwork again after 2,5 weeks of Christmas holidays. She follows a British program from Wolsey Hall Oxford. Highly recommended! Every day we follow the program through an app and can use it without internet too. When we arrive in st. Lucia we will upload our assessments for this period and the teachers will return with their feedback.Agnes wrote some mails today to update our family. read more...

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