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Oyster Belle
Owner Stefan Hunger
Design Oyster 435
Length Overall 13 m 22 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR3211T

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Oyster Belle - Log Day 24 - Landfall

After more than 3 weeks on the high seas, we expect to cross the finish line and arrive at Rodney Bay today in the late afternoon, just in time for sun downers which will be a large double of whatever, extra cold. As our ocean adventure is drawing to a close, we reflect on our privileged position that our families and Parnters have allowed us to be in. We experienced near gale force winds to no wind, torrential rain and tropical sunshine, stunning moon rises, spectacular sunsets, a clear view of the Milky Way with a splattering of shooting stars on many occasions, from a near collision with a large whale to fresh Mahi Mahi prepared deliciously by our master chef. With St Lucia visible now on the horizon we look forward to a traditional Caribbean welcome to conclude this journey and look. read more...


Oyster Belle - Log Day 23 - RIP spinnaker

After another day’s hard work pulling us through the ocean towards our destination St Lucia, our trusted thread bear, longest serving sail, our colorful spinnaker finally gave up the ghost. With the recovery sock no longer able to douse the sail we had no other option than to ditch it on the deck, inadvertently catching a wave causing it to split and therefore leading to its untimely demise. Farewell trusted friend!The final couple of days are now on white sails only, setting back our arrival in St Lucia a little but still hope to make landfall late tomorrow afternoon. We are now researching the options for a new spinnaker with Yorkshire and tea close to our hearts. Yorkshire tea are now firm favorites for our next sponsorship deal with their logo emblazoned on our new spinnaker flying. read more...


Oyster Belle - Log Day 22 - Darth Odin

As we have less than 300nm to go, it is time to talk about the metamorphosis of Ortwin who shall from now on be known as “Darth Odin”. He completely renounced beer and converted to the dark side of Yorkshire tea without milk and sugar but with a biscuit. His earthly shell never appears on a night shift in time as his spirit is fighting wars in other galaxies; he can break things onboard without touching them. Some say his skin is red as the glowing embers of hell and his butt cheeks can shatter a coconut at a twitch. His kryptonite is a bowl of light fluffy rice which unleashes noxious hell aboard which should have been left in other galaxies. Other than that we haven’t found out how to contain his powers yet. Our commiserations go out to his earthly mother who may not recognize her. read more...


Oyster Belle - Log Day 21 - less than 500nm to go!

After some stronger winds last night under white sails and with a bit of swell we are back under spinnaker with 14-16kts of wind and some current pushing us West. In the last 24 hours we made 140nm towards St Lucia. Whilst tired, spirits are high that we will reach the finish line in time. We are on our final slab of beer now so hopefully that will last Ortwin to St Lucia. Yesterday under Ortwin’s inspiration Paul created a ham and cheese quiche using tortillas as a base. Paul will be serving us a shepherd’s pie tonight which we look forward to. It’s amazing what he can create after 3 weeks at sea without any freezer. So he definitely deserves some time out on the sun deck!image1. read more...


Oyster Belle - Log Day 20 - finally some wind is here

Finally the winds are here. After a calm zone yesterday this morning we caught the trade winds and are now running under spinnaker at 5-6kts. Our Mahi-mahi Dorada has been devoured. Thanks to our master chef Paul we enjoyed evening meals of oven baked Mahi Mahi in a salsa sauce with rice, smooth and creamy Mahi Mahi Karalen curry with rice, and the ultimate Mahi Mahi fish finger tortilla wrap; washed down with a nice cold Sauvignon Blanc. We are determined to make the best out this harsh Atlantic conditions!image1. read more...

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