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Owner Nick & Maggie Hirt
Design Westerly Ocean 49
Length Overall 14 m 80 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number 5

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Selkie - Last Blog: Leg 2: Day 16

So here we are under 100 miles to the Azores. It’s been two days since I’ve kept a journal or written anything. After my last entry, which was a poem, I had a hard stint keeping adjusted to this life. Every once in a while, I feel like I’m in that horrible novel and movie, The Keeping Room. Like Nick has swept me away into one room that I cannot escape, and then I check myself and count myself lucky. Right? I’m on a yacht with four children that safely crossed the Atlantic Ocean! Not many can say that, but it’s gotten to the point that none of us change out of our long john pajamas. I get up wearing them and before I know it, it’s time to get back into them. Oh, wait a minute. I’m still wearing them. And my hair as well as my girls’ hair… it is so snarled it looks like an expensive. read more...


Selkie - Crossing

The Sea. Endless rolls of curls that push, slide, coast us to where we’ve never been.Travel slow. Look to the horizon. Determine the language of the clouds. Feel the wind. Connect your heart to your sails and understand how to hug the power. Think of your destination, but do not let it decide how you embrace your moment, your sail. Sail where wind and waves have an argument, where they dispute your future, and ride the difference, the heat of the conversation. Let the breakers wink at you to share the secret only both of you know: The ocean, the water, our home, is a mystery that we must discover with a bottomless glass of bravery, a thirsty soul for the unknown. See the swells move on from your encounter. Notice how you have changed them, changed yourself, changed what’s underneath.. read more...


Selkie - Day 12: Leg 2 Generator Scare 500 miles from the Azores

We wake to good weather and have a good morning with coffee and bacon! We fire up the internet and the water maker. Everything suddenly poops out. The generator is off and not turning back on! We adjust to how this will be: no water maker, no extra water, no warm water, no charging of devices, no radar, possibly no navigation lights, maybe no cooking, no bilge pump, no autopilot, no no no. Yikes. Scary. Nick and I are super worried. We stare at each other with big eyes. He reads the manual. We are all very quiet for a long time. The kids and I play legos. Then Nick finds the answer with Rory’s toy shaving mirror. A hidden breaker is misplaced on the far side of the generator. Thank God! I cry tears of joy. I actually ball my eyes out with happiness and Nick walks around with a radiant. read more...


Selkie - Group Selkie Photo from Day 4:Tristan, Maggie holding Rory, Nick hugging all and Lily, then Mara

-- Maggie Magdalena Hirt   "Writing is a process, a journey into memory and the soul."                           -Isabel Allende IMG_1553.. read more...


Selkie - Day 12: Leg 2: Update on Captain and Crew

The moon is out, big, bright orange and creating an alternate daytime as it sets, so I thought I would spend some time updating the world on the individuals and their state of minds aboard Selkie. Tristan (11) spent his year of Caribbean life in boxer briefs. We would ask him to put on clothes, and he would reply, “Take me to colder weather.” Well, here we are in the North Atlantic with a cold wind, and he is walking around in boxer briefs that barely hang on his gangly preteen body and have a few holes. It’s true pirate material. Last night, we tethered them through a hole near his waist band, and he tried to escape. It held really well and everyone laughed so hard we teared up. I’ve begun to throw them away as well. Yesterday, he pretended to play the trumpet for a fallen soldier when. read more...

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